Adult Swim France Posts Surprisingly Cute Rick and Morty & My Neighbor Totoro Claymation Video

Rick and Morty

You wouldn’t really think My Neighbor Totoro and Rick and Morty would have all too much in common, as one is a cute and cuddly approach to life and growing up while the other is a gritty and adult take on life. Despite their differences, Adult Swim still managed to make a cute little crossover video featuring the two.

As you can see in a post by Adult Swim France’s Twitter, a My Neighbor Totoro and Rick and Morty claymation video was created to promote the fifth season of Rick and Morty.

The short video depicts Morty and Summer riding the Catbus over to a campfire next to an Adult Swim logo. There, they meet a Rick-styled version of Totoro before the clip ends. It is short and sweet, and not what anyone probably expected from the crossover, but it is pretty cool nonetheless.

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