Concept art for a Halo Forge mode with NPC AI's fighting amongst Spartans
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5 Reasons Bungie Should Invest in a Forge Mode for Destiny 2

Time for Bungie to get creative!

It’s time for Bungie to look at Halo Infinite’s recent growth and success born from its ever-evolving Forge mode. While we wait, here’s 5 reasons Bungie should invest in a Forge mode for Destiny 2.

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Endless Creativity in the Hands of Players is Always Good

343 Guilty spark looking over a player created map in Halo Infinite
Image Source via 343 Studios

As players easily and quickly consume each season’s content, a mode in which players could make their own would be ideal. Most players tend to grind Destiny 2’s PvE content, so it just makes sense for there to be a way to expand upon that. Additionally, this would be a two-fold benefit for players. They not only get to enjoy a nearly infinite amount of new content, but the time spent making such creative set pieces can be enjoyable in itself!

The more bespoke the creative systems are under the hood for content creation, the better the engagement players will have with them—Halo Infinite’s Forge mode is a prime example of that.

Such a Mode Could Give Bungie Some Breathing Room

The splash screen for Destinations in Destiny 2 in 2023
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If Bungie’s Forge-like solution for player-created content was capable enough, then a majority of new and raw PvE content could help Bungie out significantly. With a history of delayed seasons and expansions on top of layoffs, player-created content would easily help fill any content gaps and droughts. That extra time and room could have a positive effect on Bungie by allowing them to build new and more polished content.

Content that isn’t just a simple 8/10 on release or is something a majority of the community thinks could have been better at launch. For example, a brand-new core mode that replaces Gambit with something new and fresh. Maybe something closer to an Extraction Shooter mode, complete with PvEvP? I’d play that in a heartbeat.

Player Made Content Being Added to Core Modes

A Guardian lineup during the start of a Crucible match
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Much in the same way that Halo Infinite has incorporated player-made maps into its core MP playlists, Bungie could potentially do the same. Take Destiny 2’s Strikes and imagine a separate Strike or even Nightfall playlist that allows players to experience player-made maps and encounters. Finally, I would imagine there would need to be some restrictions in place to keep the custom content fair and balanced. Once that’s accomplished a stream of new Strikes would be a reality and many, me included, would be thrilled.

The same could be said for PvP maps. Imagine, instead of waiting for one or two new maps a year, we could get dozens of high-quality maps. It would be even cooler to have some Halo inspired maps in Destiny 2 that are tweaked for the game’s sandbox. The possibilities and potential behind this concept are insane.

What if Destiny 2’s Forge Mode Had NPC AI Integrated Within

A screenshot of 4 Guardians playing a Gambit match
Image Source via Bungie

Within a week of Halo Infinite’s Forge mode’s introduction of A.I. NPCs and scripting, players have made some truly incredible things. They’ve made full-on campaign missions, custom Firefight modes, and even a simplistic MOBA mode where Grunts travel down a single lane. Knowing what Bungie has been able to pull off mechanically in Dungeons and Raids, it would be wild to see what Destiny 2 players could come up with if they had access to every mechanic and NPC.

Now that I think about it, a MOBA made from Destiny 2’s assets and mechanics doesn’t sound impossible, far from it actually.

Many Community Members Would Love a Forge Mode

A fireteam of four Guardians in a lineup in a Crucible mode
Image Source via Bungie

In a time when Destiny 2’s future is uncertain and the community sentiment regarding the game is tenuous at best, a Forge-like creative mode would serve two purposes. The first would be the player’s opinion of Destiny 2 improving if such a mode were fully fleshed out and integrated correctly. The second would be the people’s opinion of Bungie as a developer, since creating and implementing a creative mode like Forge is usually seen as a great move.

For such a project to successfully come to fruition would mean to many that Bungie is running on all treadmills and not worried as much about expectations, patterns, or monetization. Case in point, again, look at Halo Infinite, there’s almost a direct correlation between community sentiment and Forge’s development, features, and implementation. I sincerely hope Bungie can learn from the slowly rising success of their previous IP to help save Destiny’s future.

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