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How to get the Season of the Deep Season Pass in Destiny 2

If you want to play, you gotta pay.

Season of the Deep is the latest foray for Destiny 2 into new content. Building on Lightfall, it shall push the story forward as we all try to figure out the various things that The Witness seemed to want but was never really explained. This means a new Season Pass, stacked with potential goodies and giving access to an assortment of seasonal content.

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We’ll be returning to Titan, which was last seen being engulfed by The Witness. Commander Sloane also returns, as everyone’s favorite female Titan has called for help from within the inky blackness that has smothered the entire planet.

How to buy the Season of the Deep Season Pass

Bungie has maintained the slightly awkward way that it sells the Season Pass moving into Season of the Deep. It makes things just a little awkward for players, but I assume it makes their life much simpler as they don’t need to deal with the stores on the different platforms.

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The first thing you will need to do is buy Silver, the premium currency in Destiny 2. You can do this via the Eververse store in the game, available through Tess Everis in the Tower. You can find the Eververse store to the left of the main spawn waypoint in the Tower or by opening your main menu and selecting the Store tab. Click on the big blue Buy Silver button in the top right corner and select your desired amount. Remember, the Season of the Deep Season Pass will cost 1200 Silver, so ensure you buy enough to be able to afford it.

Now, select the Season of the Deep Season Pass on the main page of the Eververse store and purchase it. You will not be able to do this until the Season of the Deep has gone live after 10 am PT. This can often be a source of confusion for players, so don’t get caught out by it.

Also, keep in mind that players who have purchased the version of Lightfall that came with the Annual Pass will already have access to the Season of the Deep and will not need to purchase an individual Season Pass. For people who want to dive in as early as possible, we’d suggest buying your Silver, should you need it, before the maintenance period beings, as there can be some issues after the servers come back due to the number of people trying to do it.

If you are looking for something to do while you wait for your fellow Fireteam members to get out of school or work, I’d suggest getting to grips with the new Artifact mods that will be added with Season of the Deep. These new mods will be dictating a lot of the most powerful builds that you will see in the game this season.

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