Destiny 2 Crota's End Hand Cannon
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Destiny 2: How To Get The Word Of Crota Hand Cannon & God Roll Explained

Do you speak for Crota? Or does Crota speak for you?

The latest reprised Raid to come to Destiny 2 is none other than Crota’s End, and with it comes a bunch of returning fan-favorite weapons and armor. One of particular note is the exclusive Hand Cannon, the Word of Crota. It didn’t make a huge splash in Destiny 1, but with a change of sandboxes and perks, this weapon may very quickly join the meta. So today, we’re discussing how to get the Word of Crota Hand Cannon & determine its God Rolls in Destiny 2

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Getting The Word Of Crota Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Crota's End Raid
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To obtain the Word of Crota Hand Cannon, you’ll need to venture into the Crota’s End Raid and either defeat Ir Yut, The Deathsinger, or Crota, The Son of Oryx, to have a chance at acquiring it.

The gun isn’t guaranteed to drop every time you defeat these bosses, but with the Raid being farmable this Season, you’ll likely get one after a few attempts. For the easiest method, farming Ir Yut will bring the best results, as she has the easier fight of the two bosses and can be killed in half the time it would take to kill Crota.

After obtaining at least one copy of the gun, you can also spend your Spoils of Conquest currency to buy more copies after defeating Crota and visiting the Raid vendor, the Sword of Crota. Each copy will cost twenty Spoils in total. However, keep in mind that you cannot acquire Deepsight versions of the gun via this method. Only by having one drop naturally after defeating the bosses will there be a chance for it to drop as a Deepsight version.

Word Of Crota Hand Cannon God Rolls Explained

Destiny 2 Void Hand Cannon
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To our surprise, the Word of Crota Hand Cannon has a solid perk selection for both PvE and PvP activities while mainly favoring PvE.

For PvE, the God Roll you should be looking for is Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds. Repulsor Brace grants the user an Overshield each time you defeat an enemy that is Volatile, while Destabilizing Rounds makes nearby enemies Volatile when you get a kill with the gun.

Essentially, any Void weapon with access to these perks becomes a must-run. The Word of Crota is no exception, as this perk combo is like PB&J. Make an enemy Volatile, kill them, get an Overshield, make more enemies Volatile, rinse and repeat. It’s a perfect weapon for virtually any Void build.

For PvP, the God Roll you should be looking for is Rangefinder and a new perk, Sword Logic. Rangefinder gives a flat boost in range and aim-assist when aiming down sights, while Sword Logic gives a boost in damage when you secure a kill. It’s not a perfect combo, but Rangefinder will help you win one-on-ones more often and Sword Logic can help you in a pinch if another Guardian rolls up on you.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to get the Word of Crota Hand Cannon & determine its God Rolls in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out our other guides down below, as they can help you do everything from nab other useful gear to take down challenging bosses.

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