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Destiny 2: How To Get The Swordbreaker Shotgun & God Roll Explained

Is this the best Kinetic slot Shotgun in the game??

One of the most powerful Shotgun’s in the early days of Destiny 1, the Swordbreaker, has returned to Destiny 2 with the reprisal of the Crota’s End Raid. Now turned into a Strand weapon, the Swordbreaker has access to a suite of new powerful perks that may allow it to become one of the most potent Shotguns in the game. So today, we’re discussing how to get the Swordbreaker Shotgun and determine its God Roll in Destiny 2.

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Getting The Swordbreaker Shotgun In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Crota's End Final Boss
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For the short and sweet answer, the Swordbreaker Shotgun can only be obtained by completing either the second or final encounter of the Crota’s End Raid. Completing either of these encounters will warrant a chance for the gun to drop, but not a guarantee, as there is other loot that can also be obtained.

That said, since it’s the newest endgame activity that was released, the Raid will be farmable for the remainder of the Season, meaning you won’t be locked out of acquiring new loot weekly like you usually would. Depending on the level of your team, it might be easier to farm the final encounter, Crota, if you’re specifically looking for the Shotgun. Once you obtain at least one copy of the gun, you can also spend twenty Spoils of Conquest to search for better rolls of the weapon. Speaking of which…

Swordbreaker Shotgun God Rolls Explained

Destiny 2 Strand Shotgun
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As we mentioned earlier, the Swordbreaker Shotgun was a powerhouse in the early days of Destiny 1, and with its new perk pool in Destiny 2, we have a good feeling it’ll be a powerhouse once again. Luckily, its perk pool is fantastic for both PvE and PvP activities, so we’ll review God Rolls for each activity type.

Starting with PvE, the God Roll you should be looking for is Pugilist and One-Two Punch. Pugilist will grant increase Melee energy on weapon final blows, while also increasing the gun’s handling when you get a Melee kill. Meanwhile, One-Two Punch will give a whopping 40% increase to your powered Melee damage when you shoot a target will all twelve pellets.

Needless to say, but this setup revolves around Melee-focused builds, which is perfect for this Season, given the new Banner of War Strand Titan aspect. Arc Hunters will also be very fond of this gun as well.

For PvP, the God Roll you should be looking for is Slideshot and Opening Shot. Slideshot grants a flat boost in range and handling after you slide, while Opening Shot gives increased aim assist and range on the first shot of the Magazine.

This combo is deadly for PvP Shotguns, especially in the current sandbox where Arc Titans slide everywhere with their Antaeus Wards Exotic Leg armor. More range means more ways to kill your enemies, and that stays true for Shotguns.

For the Barrel, Magazine, and Masterwork, you’ll want different setups depending on what activity you bring the weapon in.

For PvE, you’ll want Full Choke for the Barrel, Light Mag for the Magazine, and a reload speed Masterwork, since you’ll be constantly shooting and reloading the gun with your Melee builds.

Meanwhile, for PvP, range is the name of the game. Thus, you’ll want Smallbore for the Barrel, Accurized Rounds for the Magazine, and a range Masterwork.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to get the Swordbreaker Shotgun & determine its God Rolls in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out our other guides down below, as they can help you do everything from nab other useful gear to take down challenging bosses.

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