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How to Build Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners in Cyberpunk 2077

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How to Build Lucy from Edgerunners in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 allows an incredible amount of flexibility in how you can build your character. It’s just as viable to dump all of your points into a single Attribute and its Perks as it is to spread them out for a Jack of All Trades approach. Heck, you could even even build your V to be the same as the characters from the hit Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime. If that last option sounds enticing, we’re here to help with a guide on how to build Lucy from Edgerunners in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy Build Guide

Whereas building Kiwi might entail making character that’s strictly Intelligence and Quickhack focused, a Lucy build is a little more nuanced. Quickhacking is only a part of your arsenal, with stealth and the Monowire Cyberware playing heavily into your available gameplay options.

To that end, we’ve broken down what you need to do to make this build and maximize its effectiveness. We’ve also incorporated Perks and gear tied to the 2.0 updates and the Phantom Liberty DLC, so you can be sure your build will make use of every available bit of content tied to the game.

Best Lifepath for Lucy Build

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Lifepath
Image Credit: CD Projekt Red via Twinfinite

Kicking things off is which Lifepath you should pick for a Lucy build in Cyberpunk 2077.

While Lucy might seem closer to the Streetkid option based on Lucy’s involvement with Maine’s crew, the Corpo option falls in line more with her past as an Arasaka Netrunner. Selecting this option likewise opens up some special dialogue options you can use to manipulate corporate characters and navigate issues with the ruthlessness of a Corp exec.

Best Weapons, Cyberware, and Gear for Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Build in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Build Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners in Cyberpunk 2077
Image Credit: CD Projekt RED via Twinfinite

Two important features of Lucy that fans of Edgerunners will appreciate are that she is a Netrunner and a master of the Monowire weapon, so we’ll be basing our builds around these core elements.

Best Cyberware

Your first port of call is the get the essential pieces of Cyberware needed for your build. Most all of these should be available at lower Tiers once you reach the Heist main story mission, and better versions will become available as you progress further into the game.

  • Monowire – After you reach the Heist main story mission, variants of this Arm Cyberware will become available from the Ripper Docs in the Downtown and Kabuki Slums areas. Better variants will become available as you progress the game and reach higher levels, and you can go with either the base version or one which carries additional damage types.
  • Cyberdeck – If you’re creating an entirely new character from the beginning of the game, you will need to start small and work your way up to the best Cyberdecks in the game. We recommend the Netwatch variants, which can be purchased from Doc. Rider in Wellsprings. If cost is an issue, the Militech Cyberdecks can be bought in the Kabuki Market from Viktor for an affordable sum.
    • You’ll likewise want some specific Quickhacks assigned to your Cyberdeck of choice. We’d recommend at least one instant kill or knockout Quickhack such as System Collapse or Detonate Grenade, but you’re more than welcome to stick to smaller options like Contagion or Short Circuit.Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with those that interfere with your enemies’ abilities to detect you like Cyberware Malfunction or Cripple Sonic Shock.
  • Optical Camo – Technically speaking, Lucy doesn’t use any sort of optical camo, but she does dazzle her enemies with movement and frequently runs circles around them in the Edgerunners anime. If you want to do the same with your character in Cyberpunk 2077, we suggest going for invisibility.
    • This Cyberware can be purchased from the Ripper Doc in East Santa Domingo. You should obviously go for the better one once you have the funds necessary, but you’ll get just as much utility out of lower Tiers of Optical Camo once you get the hang of it.
  • Kerenzikov – Speaking of Lucy’s slick movement in combat, it would be wise to include something that allows you to more quickly slide and dodge while slowing down time, which is exactly what a Kerenzikov does. The Ripper Doc in Arroyo sells them in Santa Domingo for $7,500 or less depending on your Street Cred.
  • Maneuvering System – Add in a Maneuvering System to enhance the effects of the Kerenzikov, and your character will become a melee demon at close ranges. The Ripper Doc Arroyo sells them in Santa Domingo for at least $3,000.

Best Weapons

Outside of the Monowire, you’ll also need at least a few ranged weapons you can use to incapacitate enemies who are too far away for melee attacks.

Given you’ll be putting a solid amount of points into the Cool Attribute, you can’t go wrong with a handgun or revolver. In addition to being fantastic for scoring headshots that can one hit kill enemies, the handguns can be fitted with silencers to ensure you don’t immediately blow your cover in stealth segments.

Best Clothes and Armor

Clothes haven’t played as much of a role in Armor ever since the 2.0 update, and there aren’t any specific pieces of Lucy’s clothing you can find in Cyberpunk 2077. While this is a bit of a bummer, this means you can wear whatever you like and still be sticking as closely to a Lucy Build as possible.

We would, however, personally recommend equipping headsets or helmets which improve your Quickhack speed or effect duration. Doing so ensures you can maximize the effectiveness of your Quickhacks, and your Cyberware

Best Attribute Point Distribution for Lucy Build

How to Build Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners in Cyberpunk 2077
Image Credit: CD Projekt RED via Twinfinite

Next up are the attributes you should dump your points into for a Lucy Build in Cyberpunk 2077.

Since we know from the show that Lucy is a master Netrunner, it would make sense to build your V around Intelligence first and foremost. Doing so comes with a boost to your total Ram too, with five points added to your overall amount after you hit the maximum of 20.

You will also need max out Reflexes to make sure you can use the Monowire and your Cyberware to its utmost potential, with Cool following close behind. This in turn will increase your Critical Hit chance and Critical Hit damage, causing your overall damage output to go through the roof.

The rest of your points should then be split between Body or Technical Ability, though we’d lean toward Body for its Max HP bonuses and health regeneration Perks.

Best Perks for Lucy Build in Cyberpunk 2077

Image Credit: CD Projekt RED via Twinfinite

As for the Perks you’ll need to select, they’re fairly straight-forward.

In general, you’ll be putting the majority of your Perk Points toward abilities found in the Intelligence and Reflexes Perk trees. These will bolster your capabilities when it comes to Quickhacks and the use of the Monowire, but can also open up new effects and buffs that will turn you into a whirling ball of death on the battlefield.

Otherwise, you can distribute your remaining points based on your specific playstyle. If you’re more aggressive and lean heavily on the Monowire, then you’d likely find the Body Perks to be useful for ensuring your survival. If stealth is more your style, then the Perks from the Cool category will do you just fine.


  • Optimization: Increase RAM recovery rate by 35 percent.
  • Proximity Propagation: Redices the RAM cost of Quickhacks based on how close you are to your target. The maximum reduction is 35 percent.
  • Encryption: Reduces Tracability for all Quickhacks by 30 percent.
  • Subordination: Increase duration for Control Quickhacks used on enemies with full health by 100 percent.
  • Embedded Exploit: Increase RAM recovery rate by 10 percent. At Level 2, enemies affected by Control Quickhacks, Covert Quickhacks, or Distract Enemies suffer 60 percent more damage from Quickhacks.
  • Speculation: Neutralizing a target with a Combat Quickhack recovers 25 percent of the RAM cost for all Quickhacks currently affecting them.
  • Icepick: The RAM cost for Combat Quickhacks is reduced by 1 when they’re used against enemies affected by Control Quickhacks, Covert Quickhacks, or Distract Enemies.
  • Shadowrunner: Successfully performing a Takedown reduces your Traceability by 100 percent.
  • System Overwhelm: For each unique Quickhack or DOT effect impacting the target, you deal 7 percent more Quickhack damage to them.
  • Overclock: Increases RAM recovery rate by 10 percent. At Level 2, increase Quickhack damage by 10 percent. At Level 3, Unlocks the Overclock Mode
    • When activated by pressing L1 and R1 or LB and RB simultaneously, you can continue to use Quickhacks even if you’re out of RAM, This is done in exchange for your Health though, with more powerful Quickhacks depleting larger chunks of your Health bar. The mode lasts 14 seconds.
  • Race Against Mind: When Overclock is active, you deal more Quickhack damage based on how much of your health has been depleted. The maximum damage increase is 50 percent, and is only based on Health you’ve used up while Overclock is active.
  • Power Surge: Activating Overclock instantly restores your Health equal to five times your maximum RAM.
  • Sublimation: When Overclock is active, all RAM recovery effects also regenerate Health.
  • Spillover: When Overclock is active, there is a 50 percent chance for Quickhacks to spread to an additional target.


  • Slippery: The faster you move, the more difficult it is for enemies to shoot you.
  • Power Slide: Increase slide distance.
  • Dash: Decrease stamina cost for dodging and Dashing by 20 percent. At Level 2, replaces your dodge with a Dash.
  • Mad Dash: Increase your Dash range toward enemies by 100 percent.
  • Mean Streak: Regain 40 Stamina when you neutralize an enemy while Dashing.
  • Can’t Touch This: When you perform a Dash, you increase your Mitigation chance by 100 percent.
  • Lead and Steel: Decreases Stamina cost of attacks with Blades by 15 percent. At Level 2, you gain the ability to deflect bullets by blocking with a blade.
  • Finisher: Bladerunner: Decreases stamina cost for attacks with blades by 15 percent. At Level 2, Attacks with blades are 30 percent faster. At Level 3, unlock a Blade Finisher that allows you to instantly kill enemies at low health. Finishers also restore your health by 25 percent.
  • Flash of Steel: After performing a finisher with a blade, your movement speed and attack speed are increased by 25 percent for 6 seconds.
  • Opportunist: enemies affected by Stagger, Stun, BLinding, and Bleeding are more susceptible to Finishers.
  • Going the Distance: Increases your finisher range by 100 percent.
  • Slaughterhouse: When using Blades, all attacks, counterattacks, and deflected bullets apply bleeding, which increases dismemberment chance and enemies’ susceptibility to finishers. When you dismember an enemy, you regain 25 Stamina.

Best Relic Perks for Lucy Build

Image Credit: CD Projekt RED via Twinfinite

Though not as intensive as selecting your base Perks, there are some specific Relic Perks you’ll want to choose if you’re building Lucy in Cyberpunk 2077.

Specifically, you’ll want to select Jailbreak and then Data Tunneling. Doing so allows you to spread Quickhacks to enemies you hit with your Monowire, which can drastically increase your damage dealt overall while inflicting effects that can debuff your foes rapidly.

Best Skills to Progress for Lucy Build in Cyberpunk 2077

Image Credit: CD Projekt RED via Twinfinite

Last but not least, there are the Skills you should progress to make the most of your Lucy build.

While gaining abilities tied to the majority of the Skill trees is beneficial, the Netrunner tree should be your priority. The increases to RAM and Quickhack abilities will be incredibly useful to your character, and will give you that last push toward becoming an indomitable force of hacking.

That does it for our guide on how to build Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners in Cyberpunk 2077. For more related content, search Twinifnite or check out what’s listed below.

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