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Modern Warfare 2 Players Demand CoD Improve “Networking” After Counter-Strike 2 Reveal

MW2 needs to counter Counter-Strike 2.

The confirmation and subsequent reveal of Counter-Strike 2 has dominated gaming headlines in recent days, with FPS fans across the world excited to see how Valve have revolutionized their acclaimed series. There will be a Limited Test for some players to access but, for most, it’s now a waiting game until CS2 officially launches in summer 2023.

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Members of other FPS communities have been reacting accordingly and, among some concern for the future of Warzone 2 and MW2, CoD fans have been largely united in calling for improvements similar to those Valve have confirmed CS2 will receive.

One Redditor pointed to Valve’s emphasis on improving tick rate, claiming that CoD players should no longer excuse “sh*t networking” in Activision’s franchises. Attached was confirmation of Valve’s commitment to improve tick rate in CS2, saying that it will no longer matter for “moving, shooting or throwing.”

Tick rate refers to the number of times a specific server updates or refreshes in a certain period. A higher tick rate generally reduces lag and delay, better reflecting a player’s actions in game.

Other CoD fans flocked in to agree, with one saying: “It really is a shame that connection isn’t a higher priority. It’s the most important aspect of an online game and yet, Activision and IW just refuse to fix [it].”

Another joked: “Meanwhile I’m skipping frames on Ashika Island.”

Activision’s plans for the future of Warzone 2 and the CoD series more generally isn’t particularly clear right now but, with Valve bringing out the big guns for CS2, the pressure appears to be cranking up.

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