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How to Turn Off Crossplay in Modern Warfare 3

PC vs Xbox vs PlayStation... When will the fight end?!

The Modern Warfare 3 is finally here, with the multiplayer launching this week. Sometimes, console players want to avoid matching PC players online, so here’s how to turn off crossplay in Modern Warfare 3.

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How to Turn Off Crossplay in MW3

How to Turn Off Cross-Play in Modern Warfare 3

Right out the gate, turning crossplay off differs from console to console, and unfortunately PC players will remain plagued by the feature forevermore as there is no way to disable it.

How to Turn Off Crossplay on Xbox Series X & Xbox One

For Xbox Users, the process is a lot more hands-on than just flipping a switch.

  • Head to the Xbox Console Settings.
  • Go to the Online Safety and Family tab.
  • Open Xbox Privacy and scroll to Communication and Multiplayer.
  • Set the Cross-Network play to Block.

How to Turn Off Crossplay on PS5 & PS4

For PlayStation players, it is so incredibly simple that it’s a wonder why Activision doesn’t implement this for all platforms. Here’s how:

  • Jump onto Modern Warfare 3 and head into the settings.
  • Select Account & Network.
  • Inside the Online section, you’ll see the Cross-Play option.
  • Toggle the Cross-Play to ‘Off’

Can You Disable the Feature on PC?

Reiterating what we said above, PC users will have to deal with console players until Activision decides to make the feature toggle-able on the platform.

What Is Crossplay?

Crossplay is the simple feature of playing the game across multiple platforms, with PlayStation players playing with Xbox and PC users all at once. There are a plethora of advantages and a fair few negatives that come with this ability.

PC players are always knee-deep in the battle against Aim-Assist with two camps splitting the community in half. Xbox and PS users feel somewhat inferior to the high-end PC rigs producing better visuals to get that competitive edge.

On the flipside, matchmaking times will undoubtedly be longer and with the introduction of SBMM, you can expect the quality of games to take a little dive too.

For now, that’s everything you need to know regarding how to turn off Cross-Play in Modern Warfare 3. Check out the content below for more Call of Duty news and updates.

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