Castle and Waterways from Ashika Island with Warzone 2 logo
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All Ashika Island Secret Loot Rooms in Warzone 2: Locations & How To Access

Secret rooms, secret loot.

The Ashika Island Resurgence map dropped with Warzone 2 Season Two, delivering the first nonstandard battle royale environment in the Warzone sequel. While players will be getting to grips with the smaller island’s POIs and best drop locations, some may not realize there’s a couple of incredible hidden loot rooms on the map. Here, we’re running through how to find and access all the secret loot locations on Ashika Island to get the best equipment for your team in Warzone 2 Resurgence.

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Ashika Island Power Plant Secret Room in Warzone 2

The first secret room we know about on Ashika Island is located at the Power Plant. This is just northwest of Tsuki Castle, highlighted on the map below: 

Warzone 2 Power Plant on Ashika Island map
Activision / Twinfinite

The secret room was discovered by Twitter user ‘scottoac’, who realized that the switches around the Power Plant are actually part of an easter egg. To access the secret room here, you need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Access the power station using a stronghold key card.
  2. Head down into the tunnels beneath the power plant, the entrance to which can be found under a balcony in the main room. 
  3. Locate the four switches in the underground tunnels. 
  4. Flip all four switches to ‘On’.  
  5. Head towards the secret room using the green lights on the tunnel wall as your guides. 

Once in the room, players can enjoy the top-tier loot on offer. Alongside the typical armor, cash and weapons, there’s a series of orange crates to open which guarantee players fully kitted weapons and better gear. 

Ashika Island Secret Underwater Bunker in Warzone 2

The second secret location on Ashika Island is accessed via the waterways on the map. These span a large area underneath the island, forming something of a submarine bunker that players can explore. 

Entrance to these waterways can be accessed via ‘Ascend’ or ‘Descend’ zip lines across the map but, for this loot room, it’s best to enter via the tunnel at the south side of Tsuki Castle or the entrance at Port Ashika: 

Warzone 2 Ashika Island map with Tsuki Castle and Port circled
Activision / Twinfinite

This loot room was discovered and widely shared by Redditor ‘papa_geo’. Again, it promises a bunch of excellent loot. 

  1. Drop into the water in the underground waterways directly under the main Tsuki Castle building. 
  2. Swim through the large pipe, until you open out into a large cave. 
  3. Hop onto one of the floating blocks, before jumping onto the second and then onto the exposed ledge and through the hole in the wall. 
  4. Enjoy the loot!

Again, there’s weapons, cash, armor and orange crates for players to open. Be warned that it’ll take you a bit of time to get back out, so watch your backs for enemies and the closing storm. 

That’s the location of and how to access every secret loot room on Ashika Island that we know about currently – but there’s bound to be more easter eggs and discoverable locations so stay tuned to Twinfinite as we uncover every secret Activision have programmed in. 

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