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10 Haikyuu Memes to Hold You Over Until the Final Movie Worldwide Release

Maybe we'll get a international release one day...

Taking a trip to Japan has never sounded so good, especially now with the much-anticipated release of The Battle at the Garbage Dump. As a longtime Karasuno fan, it’s been incredibly excruciating to see and hear all the hype surrounding it after the long break from the epic Season 4 conclusion. So, if you want to have a little laugh during these sad and jealous times, here are a few memes to hold you over until the Haikyuu final movie worldwide release.

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Guys, We Made It!

This meme already had me crying at the sight of Inside Out’s Bing Bong, but since the post is Haikyuu-related, it makes it even more devasting. Like many fans, I had hoped for a worldwide release date with its film debut until my dreams were shattered the minute I didn’t see any new worldwide updates.

It was already hard enough to hear that the finale would be split into two, and now it looks like we’ll need to be doing more waiting for the time being. We can still celebrate for those lucky fans who have seen it. Just please, take Karasuno and Nekoma to the moon for me.

Make Sure to Call in Sick When It Happens

The Taylor Swift meme has struck again, only this time, it’s for the Haikyuu fans. I know there’s no word yet on a worldwide release date, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see volleyball lovers call in sick for work just for the chance to watch the Battle at the Garbage Dump.

The last time we saw the Karasuno boys was over three years ago, since the team won their previous competition. So, a call-out in the near future seems very plausible, with the amount of waiting we must do again. All we need now is another Haikyuu meme of Harry Potter’s Sirius Black screaming, “I did my waiting!”

This Is a Spoiler-Free Zone

Any fan knows the struggle of avoiding spoilers, primarily with the abundance of social media platforms out there. Anime-only viewers will probably need to steer clear of Twitter/X, TikTok, and Instagram, as they seem to be the main hub of all things Haikyuu.

With no launch date set for the film’s worldwide debut, you may want to avoid the anime’s forums altogether. Although there have been spoilers around since the manga’s conclusion, there is something special about seeing a sports anime come to life. Thus, for now, you can make like this Dragon Ball Z meme and dodge them as much as possible.

Haikyuu x Spongebob Meme

I’ve never related more to a Spongebob meme and Squidward’s sad energy, for that matter. It perfectly captures the sorrowness of the Japan-only release while we wither away (from very far.) There have also been a few Spongebob crying memes out there as fans plead with the showrunners to at least give us a timeframe for the worldwide release.

On top of that, Haikyuu the Battle at the Garbage Dump has already had the highest-grossing opening day in Japan’s history, proving just how good it already is. And, as an added bonus, I had to throw in another meme that’s reasonably similar to this one to get you more in your feels.

Battle at the Garbage Dump IRL

If you are truly desperate to watch the Haikyuu final movie, maybe you’ll have the chance to see it in person like this Twitter/X user did. It’s practically the same visuals we’ve seen in the anime and manga, so I guess it should hold us over, right?

While there won’t be any volleyball involved, it does embody Karasuno’s chaotic crows and Nekoma’s feline mischief. The official Haikyuu English Twitter/X account has also chimed in on these IRL adventures when they reposted a variation of this meme. Hopefully, the whole world will see it in its true animated form one day.

Give Me All the Haikyuu Content

Those who have been keeping up with Haikyuu will undoubtedly have noticed the various forms of media surrounding it. Take, for example, Haruichi Furudate’s special illustration for the film, showcasing the artwork of the beloved teams. Then, there’s the entire Haikyuu February 2024 magazine, which has interviews and the Road to Paris light novel.

Aside from these features, we have the soundtrack, including the “Orange” movie theme song that presumably links to Hinata’s classic hair color. So, even if many fans can’t watch it yet, there’s plenty of content to explore for some sneak peeks (but don’t go too deep to avoid spoilers.)

Jujutsu Sorcerers’ Day Out

A crossover I never quite expected was this Jujutsu Kaisen x Haikyuu meme, blending together Cursed Spirits and volleyball. Though it would probably be unlike this group to actually relax and hang out, it’s a nice picture to paint, mainly because of the way the current season of Jujutsu Kaisen is going.

Like Battle at the Garbage Dump, the JJK series’ movie, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, had its fair share of success, breaking records itself as one of the highest-grossing animes ever. Now, we’ll have to see if Haikyuu the final movie will reach the same achievements worldwide.

Just Give Me the Worldwide Release Dates

While Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, the movie was released within the same week. However, instead of getting the gift that is Haikyuu Battle at the Garbage Dump, the only present we got was an announcement of an unknown worldwide release date. Look, flowers and chocolates are nice and all, but I’d much rather see my favorite volleyball team in action.

Maybe I’m asking too much to watch it now, so I suppose I’ll settle for an international launch date. Fortunately, the Haikyuu final movie will likely debut worldwide this year, based on the past releases of anime movies.

Don’t Make Me Choose

The most difficult part about the Battle at the Garbage Dump is the fact that most fans love both teams. We’ve seen both of them grow throughout the seasons, making Nekoma feel less like rivals and more like lifelong friends. Don’t even get me started on the competitive yet adorable Nekoma-only episodes in Season 4 that made almost everyone want to hug Kenma and the rest of the team.

On the other hand, it is the “game over” match we’ve been waiting for ever since the first season. Time and time again, Karasuno has been crushed by Nekoma, so now anime-only fans can finally see if the crows have what it takes to beat the cats.

It’s Already a Masterpiece

Despite not seeing the Haikyuu Battle at the Garbage Dump, we somehow know it’s already a masterpiece. As mentioned before, it has the makings of being something great due to its early successes in its Japan release.

To perfectly express this intuition, we have this Martin Scorsese Haikyuu meme. It’s another one of those things that you would never expect to work together, yet it makes sense. Plus, it is hilarious to see the notable American filmmaker with Hinata’s hair, just for good measure.

In time, we can hopefully get an announcement soon on the official worldwide release date, or else we’re going to have to keep laughing at our own misery with these Haikyuu final movie memes.

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