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Which Mods Are Broken in The Sims 4 Infant Update? Answered

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Which Mods Are Broken in The Sims 4 Infant Update? Answered

Prepare yourself for the adorable babies.

Although the latest Infant feature includes a wide variety of family-oriented mechanics, a few issues can come up for those who use mods. Typically, newly released expansion packs and updates can interfere with previously downloaded content, causing crashes or odd character appearances. So, to avoid these problems, we’ll show you which mods are broken in The Sims 4 Infant update.

Broken Mods in The Sims 4 Infant Update, Explained

With the recent launch of the Infant update and the Growing Together expansion pack, there are expected to be numerous broken mods in the beginning stages (mod Simmers usually need to adjust their content after an initial release.) Currently, it would be best if you tried to avoid the following content for these new installments:

  • Custom Traits (Mythical Ascelin)
  • 100 Social Interactions Mod (maplebell)
  • 3+ Lifestyles Fix (TwelfthDoctor)
  • Absent-Minded Trait (BosseladyTV)
  • Age Up add Preferences (Chingyu)
  • Aging Fix (Scarlet/Mythical Ascelin)
  • Airline Employee Career (Simmiller)
  • All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress Relief (Cyclelegs)
  • All-in-One Occult Hybrid Stabilizer (Iced Cream)
  • All Year Plants (Scarlet/Robin)
  • Ami’s Catalog Overhaul (Ami Curl)
  • Arranged Marriages (MizoreYukii)
  • Ask / Tell Pronouns mod (Lumpinou)
  • ATICAS (Mythical Ascelin)
  • Balanced Life Merged Edition (Chingyu)
  • Balanced Life Separated – Less Extreme Emotions module (Chingyu)
  • Balkan Music Station (Aleki37)
  • Beautiful (Mythical Ascelin)
  • Bed Cuddle (thepancake1 and MizoreYukii)
  • Bedtime (BosseladyTV)
  • Better Computers (BosseladyTV)
  • Better Sleep Autonomy (Mokunoid)
  • Better Stereos (BosseladyTV)
  • Bikes For Children (MSQ Sims)
  • Bonehilda Alive (Srsly)
  • Buff Replacement Pack (Chingyu)
  • CAS Sanity randomization files (helaene)
  • The Childbirth Mod (PandaSama)
  • Children Can Walk With Dogs (MSQ Sims)
  • Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything (MizoreYukii)
  • Color Sliders for Hair, Clothes, & Accessories (thepancake1 and MizoreYukii)
  • Contextual Social Interactions (Lumpinou)
  • Couple Dance Club Activity mod v.1 (Mercuryfoam)
  • Cosmetic Procedures Mod (SimWithShan)
  • Dark Mode UI For The Sims 4 (Dskecht)
  • Disallow Human Traits For Pets (Chingyu)
  • Edit Lights In Build Mode (thepancake1 and MizoreYukii)
  • Event Planner Career (Simmiller)
  • Eye Shine Remover (luumia)
  • Fear Factory overrides files (helaene)
  • Feral Run Werewolf Tweak (Lot51)
  • Filthy Fabulous Craftable Patch (Srsly)
  • First Impressions (Lumpinou)
  • Friendzone Mod (Chingyu)
  • Gardening Plants, All Seasons, No Glow, and 10 Harvestables (Monochaos)
  • Handsome (Mythical Ascelin)
  • Height Slider (luumia)
  • High Chair Lock (PandaSama)
  • Higher CAS Story Skills (Chingyu)
  • Home and Land Company (SimRealist)
  • Internships (maplebell)
  • Kids Can Plan Social Events (Shushu/MizoreYukii)
  • Kitchen Witch (Mythical Ascelin)
  • Less Obsessions (Chingyu)
  • LGBTQIA+ (Lumpinou)
  • Lie on Lap Interaction (Mercuryfoam)
  • Little Space Life Mod (JellyPaws)
  • Locomotive Engineer Career (Simmiller)
  • Memory Panel (Lumpinou)
  • Metabolism (Chingyu)
  • Money Challenges Aspiration (Mythical Ascelin)
  • More CAS Traits Options (Chingyu)
  • More Cheats Menu (Chingyu)
  • More Computer Mischief (BosseladyTV)
  • More Kisses (maplebell)
  • More Toddler High Chair Food (QMBibi)
  • More Traits in CAS (thepancake1 and MizoreYukii)
  • No Free Snacks (Menaceman44)
  • No Strings Attached (Lumpinou)
  • NPCC (Paulson updated by Cepzid)
  • Open Love Life (Lumpinou)
  • Organic (SimRealist)
  • PreferencesPlus overrides files (helaene)
  • Psychic Sims (Lumpinou)
  • PTSD (Mythical Ascelin)
  • Purchase Void Critter Cards (Srsly)
  • Rambunctious Religions (Lumpinou)
  • Recycle Anywhere (Srsly)
  • Reduced Mourning From Death (Cyclelegs)
  • Regency Romance (JaneSimsten)
  • Relationship and Pregnancy Overhaul (Lumpinou)
  • Road to Romance (Lumpinou)
  • Show Sim Infor (frankk)
  • Sim Services Mod, aka Services for Elderly, Youth, & Homeless (BosseladyTV)
  • Simzlink (Lot51)
  • Skill Decay: addon_SkillDecayDelay (Chingyu)
  • Slower Relationship Changes (Chingyu)
  • Smart Sim Randomizer (Andirz)
  • Smarter Self-care (Chingyu)
  • Smarter Social – Relationship_Settings (Chingyu)
  • Sorted Traits Picker (Chingyu)
  • Stand Still in CAS (MizoreYukii)
  • Studious Trait (BosseladyTV)
  • Sumba Fitness Class Mod (Mercuryfoam)
  • Talents & Weaknesses (Lumpinou)
  • Unhidden Traits (Chingyu)
  • Unlocked CAS Parts – Occult Eyes (Fogity)
  • Walk Normally Pregnancy Walk (Chingyu)
  • Wake Up Overhaul (LittleMsSam)
  • Woohoo Consent (Chingyu)
  • WonderfulWhims (Turbo)

Other mods are likely broken at the moment, but many creators have been fixing these issues for the Infant update and Growing Together. However, some content isn’t completely broken, and they only have a few setbacks with specific mechanics. For now, it’s recommended to uninstall mods while these packs are in their initial stages, then add them back once they are adjusted.

Various mods have been updated, such as 15 Clubs Per Sim from King Zace and Better BuildBuy by TwistedMexi. If you have something downloaded, you should check the modder’s site to see if there are any recent adjustments; therefore, specific mechanics that haven’t been updated in a while should be removed from your system to avoid performance issues for The Sims 4.

Hopefully, these mods will be fixed over time, so be sure to check back on them later to see if you can reinstall them.

That does it for our guide on the broken mods in The Sims 4 Infant update. While you are here, you can check out the relevant links below, including our guide on how to download and use the Slice of Life mod. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for additional information.

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