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What Is Citadel on Prime About? New Amazon Series Explained

Citadel Premieres on Prime Video
Image Source: Prime Video - Amazon Studios

What Is Citadel on Prime About? New Amazon Series Explained

Did he just jump off the roof?

Spy genre fans were met with a lovely surprise when the trailer for Citadel on Prime Video was released. The Amazon Original series has left an action-packed impression on its viewers as thrilling sequences appear around every corner. With plenty to look forward to, here’s what we know about Citadel on Prime Video.

What Is the Citadel Series About?

The Citadel trailer features former spies who had their minds wiped after the agency they worked for was betrayed from within and then destroyed. Despite not remembering all their past, agents Mason Kane and Nadia Smith must reunite to save the world from an enemy looking to take over the world. With the help of a former colleague, Bernard Orlick, this team has its hands full while avoiding plenty of bullets and explosions.

The new Amazon Original series gives fans action-packed sequences galore. There are fight scenes on a train, gunfire while skiing down a snowcapped mountain, and you even get to watch Kane jump headfirst off the roof of a building. Citadel provides comedic moments to counterbalance the fast pace, allowing viewers to gaze into each character’s personality a bit.

Who Will Star in the Citadel on Prime?

Citadel focuses on several characters played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Richard Madden, and Stanley Tucci. Jonas and Madden play former spies Smith and Kane, while Tucci brings them out of the dark as Orlick, who needs their help “to save the future.” In addition to these three, Abby Conroy, played by Ashleigh Cummings, is also listed for seven episodes.

The intense action sequences and humorous moments will lead fans to mark Citadel on their watchlist. The Amazon Original series will be released on April 28 and that’s what Citadel on Prime Video is all about.

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