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Do You Need To Watch All the Scream Movies Before the New One? Answered

Ghostface holding a bloody knife in an abandoned theater (from Scream 6)
Image Source: Paramount Pictures

Do You Need To Watch All the Scream Movies Before the New One? Answered

Is a Scream marathon necessary?

Ghostface has gone from terrorizing teens in Woodsboro, and now he’s stabbing his way through NYC in the newest Scream movie. With the latest installment to the franchise, there are now six movies in the continuity. For those wanting to check out the latest flick, you might be wondering if you should watch every Scream movie beforehand.

Is It Necessary To Watch All Scream Movies Before Scream 6?

It is not necessary to watch all of the Scream movies, but it is necessary to watch Scream 5 (2022). This newest entry focuses heavily on the characters introduced in Scream 5, which is why we recommend at the very least watching that one. Other than Scream 5, characters introduced in the first Scream and Scream 4 are also relevant in the latest edition, so we recommend that you watch Scream (1994), Scream 4 (2011), and Scream 5 (2022) if you would like a little more background to the characters featured in the new movie.

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Of course, by watching just those three movies there would only be two left out, so if the time permits it, doing a full Scream marathon would be beneficial, although not entirely necessary. Overall, Scream 5 would be an excellent starting point as it introduces new focal characters to the franchise. Although, it is still a sequel and not a reboot because it does continue the story from previous Scream movies, which is why we think watching the first one as well would help fill in some gaps.

If you do indulge yourself in a full marathon, make sure to check back at Twinfinite for more Scream-related content. Hopefully, this helped clear up if it’s necessary to watch all of the Scream movies before Scream 6. Check out the related posts below for more content on Scream, horror, and more.

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