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Did Ragnar Die in Vinland Saga? Answered

Ragnar in Vinland Saga
Image Source: Wit Studio via Crunchyroll

Did Ragnar Die in Vinland Saga? Answered

Ragnar rocks!

Vinland Saga is one of the most gripping historical dramas out there, rife with suspense, treachery, and a whole lot of sweaty lads hacking away at one another. Of course, living in such a tumultuous time can lead to a rather ephemeral existence, so any character’s survival is an uncertain proposition. What of everyone’s favorite bald beefy boy — did Ragnar die in Vinland Saga?

**Please note, there will be manga and anime spoilers below. That probably goes without saying, as we are talking about a man’s life up in here.**

Is Ragnar Alive in Vinland Saga?

Alas, Ragnar dies in Season 1 of Vinland Saga. The stalwart retainer of Prince Canute, Ragnar treated his charge with utmost care and compassion, to the point where the monarch was somewhat coddled. Seeing this, Askeladd ordered Ragnar’s assassination, believing that he could blame his death on the English and use it as a means of steeling Canute’s resolve.

Despite the dastardly nature of the deed, it actually proves successful; without his beloved companion by his side, Canute begins to grow into an independent and determined leader. Say what you will about Askeladd, but you sure can’t argue with his results.

Did Ragnar’s Brother Die in Vinland Saga?

If you’ve been feeling the sting of losing Ragnar, you might look to his brother Gunnar, aka the mustache-twirling “we have Ragnar at home” adviser.

At this stage of the story, Gunnar is still alive. His rather dubious political actions surely put him at a state of jeopardy, so whether or not he will soon meet the pointy end of someone’s blade is anyone’s guess.

Knowledge is power, friend, and you are now mightier for knowing whether Ragnar dies in Vinland Saga. But why stop there, when the ancient Twinfinite scrolls below contain all of the secrets of this land? Be sure to browse them at your leisure, that you may prevent further betrayal against your kingdom.

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