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Destiny 2 World First Race: Who Won the Root of Nightmares Raid & How Long Did It Take? [Official Winners Crowned]

Guardians standing in front of Destiny 2: Lightfall's Root of Nightmares raid.
Image Source: Bungie

Destiny 2 World First Race: Who Won the Root of Nightmares Raid & How Long Did It Take? [Official Winners Crowned]

Who will win the World First Race in Root of Nightmares?

Destiny 2 is a game that is full of excitement, but even more so whenever a new raid is released. Not only is this because of the prospect of new armor and weapons becoming available, but for the chance for players to get the spot as the coveted “World First” for completion of the raid.  The Root of Nightmares raid went live today, March 10, 2023, at 9 AM PST, and makes its home on Neptune. So here is everything you need to know about who is won the World First Race for the Root of Nightmares Raid.

Destiny 2 World First Root Of Nightmares Race Winners

Update (1:26PM PST): At 4:21PM EST Bungie officially confirmed that Team Hard In The Paint has cleared Root of Nightmares making them the official World First fireteam.

Update (1:00PM PST): At 11:25AM PST roenxd has cleared the raid and unofficially won World First for Root of Nightmares. We are currently still awaiting official verification from Bungie, who has acknowledged the finish but asks fans to be patient as they validate.

If the result does hold, the HITP clan (Roen, Grangalf, Osiris, SK, Punz, and Kai) fireteam’s victory will have come at just over two hours. This would go down as one of the shortest raid races in Destiny 2’s history.

This is the clan’s first win, as they managed to dethrone the reigning champs, Elysium, led by Twitch Streamer Saltagreppo. For the last three raids in a row, the group dominated the event but fell short this time around.

Destiny 2 Root Of Nightmares Live Play-by-Play

For those that can’t check out the streams live, check out the updates as they come in by refreshing this page to stay current on the World First Race, with the most recent part of the race showing first.

  • [11:25AM PST] roenxd has cleared the raid and unofficially won World First. Awaiting verification from Bungie.
  • [11:24AM PST] ATP has wiped during second damage phase. roenxd still DPSing.
  • [11:16AM PST] All_The_Players and roenxd are both on final encounter – they have made it to damage phase.
  • [10:56AM PST] All_The_Player’s team is fighting against the final encounter, which is Nezarec, Final God of Pain.
  • [10:45AM PST] ATP has cleared the third encounter and is moving towards the fourth.
  • [10:23AM PST] Some fireteams have made it to the third encounter and are attempting it.
  • [10:06AM PST] Saltagreppo has cleared the second encounter and is moving onto the third. Currently Saltagreppo is in first place.
  • [9:50AM PST] Sweatcicles and Saltagreppo along with various other teams have made it to the second encounter.
  • [9:30AM PST] Second encounter started by Saltagreppo.
  • [9:27AM PST] First encounter completed by Saltagreppo. Many teams still struggling to complete the first encounter.
  • [9:00AM PST] Raid started on Neptune. Teams set off on the race.

We will continue to update this as more info breaks.

What Is Different During The World First Race?

For 48 hours after the raid launching, the raid will be in contest mode. This raises the stakes for players as the following guidelines are in place:

  • Players can only be a max of 20 below power for each encounter with a max of 1780.
  • Players who complete the raid within 48 hours and get the Triumph will unlock a special emblem. 
  • The first team to clear the final encounter and loot the chest will be crowned World First, and will receive a special prize belt for the entire fireteam.

With bragging rights and loot on the line, fans of Destiny 2 will surely want to tune in to see which players will be able to brave the depths and win the World First Race for the Root of Nightmares Raid.

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