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What Are Alamites & Are They the Same As Rakghouls in Star Wars? Answered

Alamites are discovered in the mines of Mandalore.
Image Source: Lucas Film & Disney

What Are Alamites & Are They the Same As Rakghouls in Star Wars? Answered

Are those four eyes looking back at me?

The latest episode of The Mandalorian gave viewers a close-up look at Mandalore and the ravaged landscape after the Empire’s purge. Din Djarin and Grogu landed on the planet with a reluctant R5-D4, and their first encounters with lifeforms, the Alamites, were much to their dismay. Let’s dive into what Alamites are and if they are the same as Rakghouls.

What Are Alamites and Do They Look Familiar to Another Star Wars Creature?

Alamites are a type of humanoid that used to live in the wastelands beyond the cities of Mandalore. They survived the purge and found refuge underneath the surface in the mines of Mandalore, where they waged separate attacks on Mando, Grogu, and Bo Katan.

Alamites stand upright and swing large hammers or clubs at their enemies. They have four yellow or green eyes (depending on the light), four nostrils, long hair, and tusks that protrude toward the sides of their mouths. They grip their weapons in one or both hands, have three toes with claws, and do not wear armor on their bodies. Despite a single Alamite attacking Grogu, they appear to attack in groups.

Rakghouls are a species native to their homeworld of Taris. Rakghouls appear to have similarities to Alamites, including spikes protruding from their backs and their ability to wield weapons. They also travel in packs, but there are stark differences that may highlight how they are not the same creature.

Are Alamites and Rakghouls the Same in The Mandalorian?

The short answer is, no, they don’t appear to be the same. For why that is, we’ll need to dive into the history of both a bit.

Rakghouls were originally a byproduct of Sith Lord Karness Muur. He created a talisman that transformed other beings into non-sentient creatures. The wielder of the talisman also controlled the Rakghouls, but not everyone would turn into one of these creatures.

To solve this problem, Muur created the rakghoul plague that would transform anyone bitten or cut by one. Alamites make no effort to bite or scratch and mainly focus on swinging their weapons.

Although coming from different planets does not dismiss the possibility of being related, their physical appearances seem different enough to classify them as separate species. Alamites have hair and tusks on their heads, while Rakghouls only have spikes. Plus, the placement of the eyes and noses on an Alamite seems structured differently than its counterpart.

Unless more clues are given in The Mandalorian or other Star Wars content, there is no positive indication that both species are similar. Unless it is revealed another being is controlling Alamites with a talisman, Alamites and Rakghouls do not appear to be the same.

That is all you need to know about what Alamites are and if they are the same as Rakghouls. For more content on The Mandalorian and other creatures found in Star Wars, be sure to check out the related articles down below.

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