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50 Cent Seemingly Drops GTA Vice City Teaser

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 50 Cent Leak side eye cover art
Image via Rockstar Games

50 Cent Seemingly Drops GTA Vice City Teaser

What’s up 50 Cent’s sleeve this time?

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy may have brought new life to GTA Vice City, but it looks like there’s more on the way. 50 Cent, the American rapper who’s also known as a producer and actor, dropped a teaser on Instagram featuring the title. 

With a simple graphic that just says Vice City on top of a purple palm tree, the teaser doesn’t explain much. However, the tags in the post include Branson Cognac and Le Chemin Du Roi, two alcohol brands that 50 Cent has collaborated with in the past. 

More text in the post from 50 Cent mentioned POWER, which is a TV show produced in part by 50 Cent that he also acted in. This has churned rumors that 50 Cent could be working on a Vice City show. 

There’s also speculation going around about 50 Cent being involved in GTA 6, whether that’s voice acting or the fact that GTA 6 may return to Vice City. More rumors include a GTA Vice City Remake. 

While 50 Cent didn’t explain immediately, he did note that he’ll discuss this more in detail later. For now, GTA Vice City fans can be thankful for updates that fixed bugs in GTA The Trilogy and enjoy the game as able. There are even a few cheat codes to utilize and make the most of the game while refreshing 50 Cent’s social media pages and waiting.

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