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Wild Hearts Weapons Tier List

Weapons Tier List Wild Hearts
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Wild Hearts Weapons Tier List

How should you approach the beasts of Azuma?

As players make their way across Azuma in Wild Hearts, they will come into contact with creatures of all shapes and sizes. Of course, figuring out how to take them down will be key. Maybe you want to keep things simple with a Katana or Bow. Perhaps a Cannon or Claw. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to break down the Wild Hearts weapons tier list.

All Weapons in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts contains eight weapons, five of which are able to be crafted when players begin their journey. After unlocking a Karakuri called Field Forge, you’ll be able to craft armor, craft or enhance weapons, and even switch between weapons.

Upon progressing to Chapter 2, players will be able to craft three more weapons.

  • Bladed Wagasa
  • Bow
  • Cannon (Chapter 2)
  • Claw Blade (Chapter 2)
  • Karakuri Katana
  • Karakuri Staff (Chapter 2)
  • Maul
  • Nodachi

But, where do these weapons fit on our tier list? We break that down below.

All Weapons Tiers in Wild Hearts

S-Tier Weapons

These weapons are the best of the best. Acquiring one early enough in the game can make all the difference on your journey. One of the two weapons listed below will allow for deadly yet agile combinations while the other relies on precise timing in order to deal the biggest amount of damage possible.

  • Karakuri Staff: Able to be crafted after progressing to Chapter 2. Can switch between five different forms in attack.

A-Tier Weapons

The next best thing. Weapons in Tier A may lack a bit when it comes to specialization, but they provide a solid base for players still finding their footing in Azuma.

  • Bow: For those who favor a long-range approach. The bow can be held either vertically or horizontally depending on your attack commands.
  • Claw Blade: Much like the Karakuri Staff, the Claw Blade can be crafted once you progress to Chapter 2. It’s lightweight, and best-suited for quick, aerial attacks.
  • Karakuri Katana: Players begin their journey with this weapon, and it’s most useful while slashing enemies at close-range.

B-Tier Weapons

Easier to get throughout the game and can do a job when needed, but if you’re able to upgrade along the way to either A- or S-Tier weapons, do not hesitate.

  • Bladed Wagasa: Resembling an umbrella, this weapon is best utilized at close range. It is also the only weapon in Wild Hearts that allows players to parry incoming Kemono attacks. The more successful you are in parrying attacks, the more powerful your attacks will become.
  • Maul: One of the heaviest weapons to be found in Wild Hearts, and is capable of inflicting great damage on nearby Kemono. That said, it will also destroy any nearby Karakuri within range.
  • Nodachi: Another weapon on the heavier side, and best utilized during close combat. Its special attack, Planted Iai Stance, deals heavy damage but also drains Stamina.

C-Tier Weapons

Useful but difficult to manage, the C-Tier weapon below can provide a solid reward. However, it’s one of the more difficult weapons to manage in the game, and if you’re able to find anything else weapon-wise, that’s our recommendation.

  • Cannon: The third of three weapons players can craft upon reaching Chapter 2, the cannon is good for delivering blunt damage at long-range. If you want to give it a try, make sure you’re constantly keeping an eye on Ki Bases, ammo, and heat.

Of course, sometimes weapons simply come down to a player’s preference. But it’s important to keep in mind which weapons will help you out the most depending on where you find yourself on your journey. For now, we’ll set you on your way with our Wild Hearts weapons tier list. And if you’re looking for more in-game tips or information, be sure to check out the other guides and updates Twinfinite offers at the links below.

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