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Taron Edgerton’s Apple TV+ Spy Thriller Tells The Surprising True Story Behind Tetris

Taron Edgerton Spy Thriller Tells The True Story of A Video Game Classic
Image Source: Apple TV

Taron Edgerton’s Apple TV+ Spy Thriller Tells The Surprising True Story Behind Tetris

Want to brush up on some video game history?

An official trailer for the spy thriller you’ve all been waiting for is finally here…Tetris. That’s right, everyone’s favorite cathartic puzzle game is getting its own unique movie, starring Taron Edgerton.

The self-titled film takes place in the late 80s, in the final days of the cold war between the East and West, and sees Edgerton take on the role of Dutch Entrepreneur Henk Rogers. The plot of the movie largely follows Rogers in his mission to secure the distribution rights for Tetris after becoming enthralled with the game.

He’s met with staunch opposition from the game’s Russian inventor Alex Pajitnov and draws the ire of the KGB due to the tension between Eastern and Western governments. Tetris is directed by Scottish filmmaker Jon S. Baird, best known for his dark comedy crime film Filth which starred James McAvoy and features a screenplay from Noah Pink.

The movie boasts a fairly impressive cast who star alongside Edgerton. Toby Jones co-stars as Rogers’ partner Robert Stein while Roger Allam puts in a performance as British media tycoon Robert Maxwell who was later suspected of Fraud and being a Russian spy. Nintendo fans can also expect to see Togo Igawa put in a performance as Hiroshi Yamauchi, the third president of the company who also opposes Rogers and puts his own claim to the licensing rights for Tetris.

Tetris is still played by millions around the world to this day but the origins behind it and the bitter battles surrounding its legal rights have rarely been touched upon. It is set to make its debut at this year’s SXSW festival and will be playing from March 10 – 19. It’s a fairly limited theatrical run before it heads to Apple TV on March 31, 2022.

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