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Pokemon Presents Details Gimighoul in Pokemon GO & New Features

Image Source: The Pokemon Company/Niantic

Pokemon Presents Details Gimighoul in Pokemon GO & New Features

Go for the gold in Pokemon GO.

The Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents stream brought tons of new information about the Pokemon GO Plus + device that can be used with GO. On top of that, it looks like Pokemon GO will now be able to connect with Scarlet and Violet to get different forms of Vivillion and one other previous uncatchable golden creature.

First off, it was announced that the Pokemon GO Plus + device is back on track for launch to work with Pokemon Sleep and GO. It works just like the Poke Ball and the original Plus device. Additionally, anyone who connects a Plus + device to their GO game will receive a set of Special Research tasks that will let them catch a Snorlax wearing a sleeping cap.

After that, it was announced that Scarlet and Violet on the switch now support connection with Pokemon GO. There are a few different things that can be done with this game linking. First, players will be able to send the postcards they get from Pokemon GO to the Switch games to find different forms of Vivillion in Scarlet and Violet. Each real-world location corresponds to a different type of Vivillion in the console games.

The other benefit of connecting the games is that players who use this function will get to catch Gimighoul in their roaming form in Pokemon GO. This is the first time that this species will be catchable in this form in any Pokemon game.

It was also mentioned that Gimighoul can be evolved into Gholdengo in Pokemon GO by using 999 Gimighoul Coins. Just like with the Mystery Box that featured Meltan, there’s a special item called the Coin Bag that lets players encounter roaming GImighoul in GO. It can be used once per day to encounter Gimighoul just like using Incense.

If players want to encounter more Gimighoul, then they can use Golden Lure Modules. This attracts more GImighoul and makes the PokeStop equipped with it drop better items than it normally would. These Lure Modules can be obtained by sending multiple postcards to Scarlet and Violet.

Additionally, over the next 24 hours, random PokeStops will turn gold. They won’t attract Gimighoul without the lure, but the item bonuses will still be present and they may drop Gimighoul coins when spun.

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality creature collection game made by The Pokemon Company and Niantic available to download for free on Android via the Play Store and iOS via the App Store.

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