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Is Wild Hearts Multiplayer? Answered

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Is Wild Hearts Multiplayer? Answered

Let your hearts be many.

If you are anything like we are, the first thing you want to know about when a new game drops is whether or not you will be able to play it alongside some of your friends. Wild Hearts has just released and many potential players may be wondering if they can team up with others to tackle some of the more difficult hunts in the game. So, is Wild Hearts multiplayer?

Does Wild Hearts Have a Multiplayer Mode?

Wild Hearts does, in fact, support multiplayer. You can easily access co-op in the game by just tweaking some settings, and it is as easy as swapping some settings around to turn your online functionality on. Not only does it have online functionality but it also allows players to team up with friends using other platforms, featuring cross-play between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Wild Hearts also features a few different options for players when looking at the online settings, such as enabling or disabling guest story progression so that parties can get through main quests together. Players that have this option enabled will, however, need to be at the same point in the story for it to work properly, so do keep this in mind when teaming up.

Is Wild Hearts multiplayer
Image Source: Twinfinite via Electronic Arts

That is all you need to know if you find yourself asking, is Wild Hearts multiplayer? You can now dive right into hunting Kemono with your friends. To see some more of our related content just look below or browse through the website’s main page.

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