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Is Crust Dead in My Hero Academia? Answered

Crust in My Hero Academia

Is Crust Dead in My Hero Academia? Answered

Is this the end for the Number Six Pro Hero?

My Hero Academia’s storytelling has brought moments of laughter, joy, and dramatic buildup to the screen throughout its time, showcasing Deku’s growth and progress in becoming a hero. However, diving into the Paranormal Liberation Wark ark, things start to take a dark turn with the loss of multiple lives along the way, including some of the best Pro Heroes. You may wonder about the fate of Number Six Pro Hero, Crust, as he has had much more involvement throughout this highly-dangerous part of the story. Here’s everything you need to know about if Crust is dead in My Hero Academia.

Did Crust Die in My Hero Academia? Full Explanation

Unfortunately, as it turns out, yes, Crust is dead in My Hero Academia, having lost his life during the grisly Paranormal Liberation War ark to Tomura Shigaraki. However, the Number Six Pro Hero went out in style, sacrificing his life so his allies could live on.

The beloved pro was well known as The Shield Hero, with a quirk that allowed him to create hexagonal shields from his body. Crust could manipulate these shields by expanding their size and sending them in different directions to protect himself and others from threats. On top of this, he could detach pieces of his shields to throw as weapons or use their sharp edges to cut through things, making him a powerful and well-rounded hero. Unfortunately, his death came as a reminder of Shigaraki’s true power and made it clear that even Pro Heroes could be taken out before our eyes.

While Crust may have passed away, his heroic spirit will live on forever, and his actions allowed him to carry out what it means to be a true hero to the very end. In an attempt to invade the lair of Kyudai Garaki alongside Mirko, Eraserhead, Present Mic, Endeavor, and other Pro Heroes, Tomura Shigaraki is awoken from his capsule and initiates his Decay Quirk, disintegrating the building and endangering all who are within it.

As well as being forced to deal with a collective of high-end Nomu’s who were thrown at them by Garaki for defensive measures, the Pro Heroes are forced to react immediately. As Shigaraki can now spread Decay to targets who make contact with a decaying object, the Heroes are forced to flee promptly.

Crust's death in My Hero Academia
Image Source: Studio Bones

However, Erasherhead, AKA Mr. Aizawa, the Pro Hero and beloved homeroom teacher to Class 1-A, comes dangerously close to not making it out in time. To ensure Aizawa reaches safety, Crust selflessly sacrifices himself for his comrade, allowing him to make it out alive at the cost of his own life. What makes Crust even more admirable is that in this noble hero’s last moments, he flashed Aizawa a grin and thumbs up before crumbling to nothingness, dying proudly to save someone in true hero fashion.

It’s safe to say All Might, the Symbol of Peace would be immensely proud of Crust’s efforts, and he’s forever earned my respect as a character, despite not having a frequent role in the story compared to others. Despite the sadness of his passing, Crust’s death was ultimately his moment to shine, and I’m sure Aizawa will fight on to make sure such a sacrifice will not be carried out in vain.

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