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How to Cast Cleric Spells in Dark and Darker

How to cast cleric spells in dark and darker
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How to Cast Cleric Spells in Dark and Darker

Clerics bring offensive, defensive, and support spells to the team.

Dark and Darker features a variety of classes to play, each with their own purpose, niche, and playstyle such as the Cleric’s supportive spells. In fact, Cleric spells are particularly strong when used in the right situation, and not just for healing. The question is: How do Cleric spells work? If you’re a tad confused (you aren’t the only one), then we’ll teach you how to cast Cleric spells in Dark and Darker.

How to Memorize and Cast Cleric Spells in Dark and Darker

Knowing how to cast your Cleric spells is of utmost importance in Dark and Darker, both in a group setting and solo. It could, quite literally, save your life. Here’s how it works:

  1. Memorize the Cleric spells you want.

    Before you can cast Cleric spells, they have to be memorized. At the main menu, select the Spell page from the Class tab, then drag and drop your desired spell into the spell wheel. Keep in mind that every spell has a “cost” to memorize, located on the right. Your Cost Limit is located along the bottom.

  2. Equip the right weapon.

    While in-game, casting Cleric spells require a Magic Staff. You’re given one as part of your starting equipment, so equip it by pressing 2.

  3. Select the desired Cleric spell and cast it.

    Now hold E or Q to bring up your spell wheel. Hover over the Cleric spell you want, close the menu, then right-click to cast it. Alternatively, you can hold the spell wheel open, hover over a spell, and cast it from the menu, which is pretty handy for buffing before a fight.

    Equipping cleric spells in dark and darker

And that’s all there is to casting Cleric spells in Dark and Darker. It’s worth mentioning that you only have a limited number of casts per spell. Additionally, be careful where you’re targeting; you might accidently heal or buff an enemy.

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