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Chandler or Barney? How I Met Your Mother Trivia Quiz

Friends and How I Met your Mother quiz
Image Source: CBS and NBC

Chandler or Barney? How I Met Your Mother Trivia Quiz

Who said it? Chandler Bing? Or Barney Stinson? You decide.

You’d be hard-pressed trying to find two TV shows as iconic as Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Indeed, NBC and CBS’s duo of popular sitcoms both focus upon themes of friendship, growing pains and finding love in the modern world by way of a handful of emotionally poignant and incredibly amusing storylines.

Of the pair of uber-popular sitcoms, two of the most well-liked characters are arguably the awkward-yet-loveable, Chandler Bing, and the brash-yet-charming ladies’ man, Barney Stinson. While both are well-known for being the funniest characters in each of their respective shows, they are different in quite a few nuanced ways.

For our challenge today, though, we’ve decided that now is the perfect time to test your Chandler Bing and Barney Stinson knowledge. All you need to do is figure out who said what in Twinfinite’s latest quiz.

So, without further ado, grab your coffee cups and head on down to Central Perk as we test your Friends and How I Met Your Mother knowledge in our latest quiz. Good luck!

Chandler Bing or Barney Stinson? Test Your Friends and HIMYM Knowledge With This Quote Quiz

"Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro - I'm Broda."
"All right, I took the quiz. And it turns out I do put career before men."
"We swallow our feelings. Even if it means we're unhappy forever. Sound good?"
"Here's the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is my life."
"It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!"
"I'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!"
"Whatever you do in this life, it is not legendary unless your friends are there to see it."
[To a door] "I'm funny, right? What do you know? You're a door. You only like knock-knock jokes."
"I tend to keep talking until somebody stops me."
"A lie is just a really great story that someone ruined with the truth."
"Cheese. It's milk that you chew."
"It's always better to lie than to have the complicated discussion."
"Okay, pep talk! You can do this, but to be more accurate, you probably can't. You're way out of practice and she's way too hot for you. So, remember, it's not about scoring. It's about believing you can do it, even though you probably can't. Go get 'em, tiger!"
"Your Ego's writing checks your body can't cash."
"Oh, that makes me feel so warm in my hollow, tin chest."
"I say more dumb things before 9am than most people say all day."
"Sometimes we search for one thing but discover another."
"How do you find clothes that fit?"
"I am not blah, I am a hoot!"
"Step one, you start running. There is no step two."

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Image Sources: CBS and NBC (via Screen Rant, Fan Pop and What Culture)

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