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Can You Rent a Server for Sons of the Forest? Answered

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Can You Rent a Server for Sons of the Forest? Answered

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Dedicated Servers were a feature added to the original The Forest game and one of the options for anyone wishing to benefit from this feature was renting a server online. You may be asking if they’ve implemented dedicated servers and if there are websites online you can rent servers from. In that case, this guide should help. This is a guide that answers the question: Can you rent a server for Sons of the Forest?

Dedicated Servers

The short answer is no. Dedicated Servers have yet to be implemented and most platforms for renting a Sons of the Forest server are not yet offering the service. Without dedicated servers being implemented, there isn’t a way to rent out any servers yet anyway.

Whether or not dedicated servers will be added is, also, uncertain. They were a later addition to the Forest while it was in Early Access, so it makes sense that the game was released without the ability to host dedicated servers. However, just because it was a feature in the older game doesn’t guarantee that it will be implemented this time around. This means any people in the market for a dedicated server should be wary of paying any money to server renting services before dedicated servers are implemented.

Sons of the Forest does offer multiplayer. You can set up a co-op lobby through the game’s multiplayer. The game, however, will not constantly run, unlike a dedicated server.

That’s it for answering the question of whether or not you can rent a server for Sons of the Forest. If you want more Sons of the Forest Guide content, then there’s plenty more on the rest of Twinfinite. You may be interested in a guide on how to find a Winter Jacket in game.

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