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Best Minecraft Cake Ideas

top 10 best minecraft cake ideas
Image via Mojang Studios

Best Minecraft Cake Ideas

Minecraft is ripe for cake ideas.

If someone close to you, like a friend or even your own child, is a big fan of Minecraft, you can’t go wrong with a Minecraft-themed cake. Given the fact that cakes tend to be rectangular or square makes crafting one easier, too. So, let’s push aside mediocre themes and instead go for gold with the best Minecraft cake ideas we brainstormed.

Cake Tower

a cake tower minecraft cake idea
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

If you’re going to bake a Minecraft cake, the in-game cake is a pretty easy and obvious choice. Why not? It looks absolutely delicious! While the pixels leave room for imagination, its likely topped with white fondant and strawberries. As for the inside, there are two layers with what looks to be chocolate icing in between. That’s as good a combination as any!

A Block of TNT

a tnt themed minecraft cake idea
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

Another pretty obvious cake idea, and it leaves room for a variety of flavors so long as the outer layer resembles TNT. However, if you want to make it particularly fun, we suggest using a few sparkler candles and really play into the idea that’s going to explode by pretending. As a bonus, make a few cupcakes that look like gunpowder!

Minecraft Sword Embedded in a Block

a minecraft sword cake idea
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

Building is a big part of Minecraft, right? So is fighting. If you’re baking a cake for your child, find out what their favorite block and sword are. For this cake idea, bake the cake to look like their favorite block, then build the Minecraft sword to look as if it’s embedded in the block. It’ll take some finessing, but you don’t have to build the sword very high.

Creeper Painting

a creeper painting minecraft cake idea
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

In Minecraft, you can spruce up the walls of your home with paintings, and they come in a wide variety of sizes. In smaller spaces, you might see a sweet, little creeper painting. The creature is just hanging out outside what appears to be a window. It’s the perfect idea for cakes rectangular in shape and, more importantly, doesn’t require much other than using some edible paint.

Lava Cakes

lava cake minecraft cake idea
Image via Unsplash

Now this Minecraft cake idea could be rather time consuming, depending on how you do it. There are two ways: personal lava cakes or one big lava cake. What you do is color the chocolate cake to resemble a nylium block, then fill the cake with an orange filling. When your children go to cut it open, it’ll be like they dug too deep through nylium and reached lava!

Pyramid Cake

a pyramid minecraft cake idea
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

Let’s step away from chocolate and try something with vanilla cake. How about a pyramid ? It’s definitely a tougher challenge depending on how elaborate you want to get, but honestly a great opportunity to flex your detailing. An Egyptian pyramid is arguably easier, though a Mayan pyramid would look awesome with vines made of green icing.

A Cake Resembling a Base

a minecraft cake designed after someone's base
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

Nothing would blow a kid’s mind more than a cake designed after their base, complete with candles for torches and topped with their favorite character. Of course, you might need to scale it back a bit, perhaps a miniature version or a just a portion of the base depending on how crazy their base is. It’s also a good opportunity to use other treats to build the diorama, such as pretzels for fencing or chocolate sugar wafers for downed trees.

A Nautical Scene

a nautical diorama minecraft cake idea
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

Marine life doesn’t get enough attention when it comes to Minecraft cakes; it’s usually something generic like a dirt block. Instead, a more impressive idea would be to play on the magic of discovery on the open sea. How about the first time someone sets sail on their dinghy or finding the tip of a sunken boat sticking out of the ocean? Even an ocean monument would be awesome to see as a cake!

Striders Crossing Lava in the Nether

striders crossing lava minecraft cake idea
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

How can we possibly forget the Nether? For a kid, the Nether can be downright scary with all those bizarre creatures and strange noises that ghasts let out. Let’s not forget the rivers of lava accompanied by two-legged animals called striders and their babies. Seeing them step into the lava, unscathed, presents a great idea for a cake. The top could be split down the middle with “lava” and a strider crossing to the other side, perhaps with a strider baby.

A Face Cake

self-portrait minecraft cake idea
Image Source: Mojang via Twinfinite

What Minecraft-loving kid wouldn’t love a cake with their face on it? Now, this idea may need the help of an artist if you don’t have any artistic skills yourself. What you do is have an artist create a pixel version of your child’s face, which you’ll then use as the template for the cake. Alternatively, you can always opt for the face of their favorite Minecraft mob, like a cow or enderman.

And that about does it for the best Minecraft cake ideas. All this talk of food is probably making you hungry, so go get a snack, then come back and see what else Twinfinite has to offer. You’ll find plenty of Minecraft content using the links down below, and let us know your Minecraft cake ideas, too!

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