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10 Best Anime Butlers of All Time

10 Best Anime Butlers
Image Source: Funimation via Twinfinite

10 Best Anime Butlers of All Time

The butler did it.

There are many anime archetypes we love — like characters that go from being weak and shy to being powerful and dauntless — but there are some that we tend to overlook, despite their appeal. Many of these characters fall out of the primary category, not serving as the main protagonist or antagonist by any means. They work to assist the main character, either in a traditional household chore sense or a more supernatural sense.

What kind of character could suit this description of a helpful yet often overlooked figure? That would be none other than the butler. Butlers are common throughout many anime with some truly respectable gentlepeople out there, and we have compiled a list of what we think are the 10 best anime butlers of all time here for you to look through. Read on to be reminded of some of anime’s most hospitable characters.

*Some spoilers will be present, so please read at your discretion! Preferably with a perfectly brewed tea brought in by your own butler.*

Norman Burg (The Big O)

Image Source: Viz Media via Twinfinite

Norman Burg serves Roger Smith in The Big O, an anime blending elements of both the detective and Mecha genres.

He is loyal and ready to prove his faithful demeanor at any moment, acting as both a father figure and advisor to Roger. There is never a moment in which he fails to deliver either a hot meal or mechanical help, maintaining both Roger’s vehicle and the Big O itself. Oh, and did we mention that he gets around via motorcycle?

Norman is definitely one of the coolest anime butlers out there, and his sidecar is just as ready as he is to serve.

Sebas Tian (Overlord)

Sebas Tian
Image Source: Madhouse via Twinfinite

Sebas Tian from the anime Overlord is on our list representing the golden combination for anime butlers.

Sebas was created by the great knight Touch Me and serves as the head butler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Aside from his insane skill in combat, Sebas is morally just a great character taking time to prove his chivalry by helping anybody who is in need. He is attractive and polished, while also being one of the most physically adept butlers on our list.

Though he is definitely not the butler to mess around with, he is also certainly the butler one would want around as an ally and assistant.

Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate the Combat Butler)

Hayate Ayasaki
Image Source: Sentai Filmworks via Twinfinite

Do you love a good glow-up story? Then Hayate Ayasaki is the anime butler for you.

Hayate hails from the anime Hayate the Combat Butler, and he will definitely stand out to you if you have a soft spot for characters with some serious development. He grew up with terrible parents, working from a very young age to be able to survive. His parents ended up leaving him with an insane amount of debt, leading to his eventual position as Nagi Sanzenin’s butler. This is how Hayate proves his strength and skill, helping Nagi evade antagonists targeting her family’s fortune. This is one butler who is truly versatile in skill, from hands-only to swords or firearms.

What makes his development even more entertaining to watch is the fact that the anime itself parodies others, in a fashion similar to that of One Punch Man. Hayate may seem to be weak, small, and lacking in experience but is actually anything but! His super-human strength and ability starkly contrasts his appearance, and Nagi’s instant love for him only adds to the humor.

Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts)

Gilbert Nightray
Image Source: NIS America via Twinfinite

If any anime butler stands out as a loyal character, it is definitely Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts.

Acting as Oz’s butler prior to the ten-year jump in time, he continues to remain true to his former master regardless of how much their circumstances change. While this fealty is definitely one of the things making Gilbert an unforgettable butler, there are other unique aspects of his personality that make him stand out. He is by no means violent, but he is willing to do anything if it means protecting Oz.

While he is not a necessarily empathetic character normally, more insight into his true feelings is gained with close attention. Gilbert’s deep care for his long-time master is seen throughout the series in moments such as his drunken state in which he opens up about his loyalty to him and how it is unwavering.

Gilbert is not exactly dumb, but it can be difficult for him to really understand everything that is happening, meaning that he is a reliable butler who needs assistance himself at times.

Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)

Grell Sutcliff
Image Source: Funimation via Twinfinite

There is no list about the best butlers in anime without one that covers Black Butler, and a standout from the series is easily Grell Sutcliff.

Grell Sutcliff is a character who is well-known for her flamboyant yet incredibly violent personality. She was the butler of Angelina Dalles for a while, albeit only to avoid any suspicion regarding her code-breaking habits. To put it simply, Grell is definitely not on this list because of her competence as a butler. She is unable to perform simple jobs, standing out more as a figure who just so happens to be a “butler” while also being a character with strong appeal to many fans.

Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing Ultimate)

Walter C. Dornez
Image Source: Funimation via Twinfinite

Hellsing Ultimate brings with it a good few deadly characters, and key among them is the butler Walter C. Dornez.

Walter is wise and old, but is certainly not to be taken for granted. He can design and create all sorts of weapons, wields lethal wires known as “Monofilament Wires” that slice through steel with ease, and is nicknamed the “Angel of Death.” Need we say more?

Despite his ultimate betrayal in the end, we cannot ignore his strength and his unique dynamic with Alucard. While he more obviously cared for Sir Integra and Seras, Walter had a more twisted relationship with Alucard that is hard to put into words. For instance, the former butler was responsible for the creation of Alucard’s Hellsing ARMS . 454 Casull Auto and The Jackal, two powerful custom handguns. These are also later used in the showdown between them, against their creator. Walter and Alucard share a dynamic comparable to a great hero and villain in this sense. Perhaps the gunsmith had always desired such a battle with Alucard.

If you need a butler who initially looks innocent but is anything but, Walter is your guy.

Merry (One Piece)

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

Anyone who remembers the beginning of One Piece will quickly be reminded of the series’ origins by Merry’s silly face.

Merry was the butler of Kaya, and while he is not specifically skilled in combat like some of the other butlers we have covered, he stops at nothing to protect his master. He also offers other skills which prove useful to those around him, with the most obvious example being that he designed the Straw Hat Pirates’ initial ship, the Going Merry. Following his gift of the vessel to them after they saved both Kaya and Syrup Village, he continued to serve her and remains her loyal servant to this day.

He’s one of the more family-friendly anime butlers around, and we can’t help but love him for it.

Gotoh (Hunter x Hunter)

Image Source: Viz Media via Twinfinite

If there is one important thing to look out for in a good butler, it is his ability to take his role serving his masters very seriously.

Such is the case with Gotoh, a character from Hunter x Hunter who serves as the Zoldyck family’s primary butler. They respect him and more importantly trust him, as he does everything in his power to maintain their security regardless of their deadly business. He is talented in hand-to-hand combat and uses coins that are more destructive than bullets thanks to their being imbued with Nen.

Aside from his strict demeanor and skill, he is also caring and seems to treat Killua and his siblings as if they were his own children. This makes him not only a dedicated and strong butler, but a protective guardian figure that watches out for the Zoldyck children like few others do.

Quillsh “Watari” Wammy (Death Note)

Image Source: Viz Media via Twinfinite

There is no character out there who can handle L from Death Note quite like his butler, Watari, can.

Watari is unique because he founded the Wammy House, a home for gifted children such as L, Mello, and Near. He served as their caretaker and a father figure, shaping them into skilled detectives while ensuring they grew up properly.

Throughout the series, Watari sticks by L and looks after him, helping him with his work in any way that he can. His loyalty follows him to the grave as he manages to follow L’s orders and delete all of the information at the Task Force headquarters prior to dying from his heart attack. Heck, he would also be on our list of the best father figures in anime if we had one.

Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

Sebastian Michaelis
Image Source: Funimation via Twinfinite

Did you think that we would finish off our list without including another Black Butler character, let alone the most iconic one?

Sebastian Michaelis is perhaps the most well-known face from the series, with good reason. Regardless of the fact that he has much more power than his master Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian is respectful and loyal. He raises the boy while also showing a bit of his demonic side, helping Ciel avenge the death of his parents.

Contrary to Grell, Sebastian is not stupidly violent, but he is certainly dangerous. His devotion is commendable, as is his unique personality outside of being a butler. He is definitely one of the first faces we all envision when considering the best anime butlers of all time.

Those were the 10 best anime butlers of all time in our opinion. Do you agree or do you perhaps have another helpful assistant in mind who should have made our list? You can comment and check out some of our other content below!

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