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Top 10 Essential Tips to Enjoy Forspoken

Top 10 Essential Tips to Enjoy Forspoken
Image Source: Square Enix

Top 10 Essential Tips to Enjoy Forspoken

Before you start your Forspoken journey, check out these top 10 tips to make Frey’s life easier.

In Square Enix’s Forspoken, the action role-playing game will see a New Yorker named Frey enter a magical world and be left largely to fend for herself. While it is cool to utilize powerful magical spells, you will meet with some stiff resistance. To help you make the most of the time you’ll be spending in Athia, here are the top 10 essential tips to enjoy Forspoken.

Top 10 Essential Tips to Help You in Forspoken

Some of the tips should be implemented even before you start the game proper, while others can be tweaked along the way to shape your experience. As much as possible, these suggestions will ensure that Forspoken becomes a more pleasant journey than before, but it will still be up the player to find the sweet spot for the following changes:

Top 10 Essential Tips to Enjoy Forspoken
Image Source: Square Enix
  • For players on the PS5, you can both adjust the frequency in which Cuff/Vambrance make his presence known as well as change whether you want to hear him through the DualSense speakers.
  • Always remember your Spellcraft Challenges; you can have three active at a time. Once they are complete, head to the Archives in Cipal to get more. This will improve Frey’s mastery over certain spells both in combat and movement.
  • Be sure to upgrade your pouches as soon as possible. This can be done by visiting a Pilgrim’s Refuge and using the crafting bench. Having more ingredients and Healing Draughts is always a good thing, so get to it.
  • Speaking of Healing Draughts, if you are ever running low, simply head to the nearest Pilgrim’s Refuge via Fast Travel or magic parkour. You will be able to craft more, as well as sleep to restore your health.
  • Mana Pools are essential places to visit when you are exploring Athia. The first time you arrive at one, you will get one mana point. Be sure to stock up on mana points as much as possible, while there is also a benefit of mana pools restoring Frey’s stamina.
  • If you are ever stuck on any of the Mystic lock-picking puzzles, you can always spend some mana to skip the hassle. For even more help, jump into Accessibility settings to turn on Automatic Lock Picking to save on your mana.
  • Across Athia are many Monuments, and interacting with them will give Frey’s attack and defense stats a boost. It never hurts to be more powerful in this dangerous world.
  • For those seeking a particular piece of gear, you don’t have to go hunting blindly. The maps in Forspoken will indicate whether a place has what you are searching for, be it a new cloak or more nail designs.
  • Similarly, when exploring Athia between story missions, be on the lookout for Detours, which are essentially side quests. Some are missable, so getting to them all when you can is the best approach.
  • Lastly, be sure to always upgrade your gear, especially necklaces. Giving these items a boost will often unlock even more perks that can be used on other equipment as well.

Armed with these 10 essential tips to enjoy Forspoken, your time in Athia will definitely be much smoother. As you progress through the story with Frey, be sure to check out other related Forspoken content below, or search Twinfinite for everything else.

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