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The Hardest Black Clover Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

The Hardest Black Clover Quiz You'll Ever Take

The Hardest Black Clover Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Time to test your knowledge Wizard Knight!

It’s a tale as old as time: You’ve watched every episode of Black Clover, and you feel like you can recollect its biggest moments down to the smallest detail. The only problem is, you don’t have any way to prove your vast amount of knowledge, save for gaining some renown in discussion forums when someone is trying to remember a specific piece of information.

Fortunately for you, we’ve devised a test for your knowledge: A devilishly hard Black Clover Trivia quiz, complete with questions to test your knowledge of every part of the anime from its opening episode to its final arc. It’s sure to push your skills to the limit, and force you to delve into the depths of what you know about the series.

Think you’ve got what it takes to ace it? Then continue on to the questions below.

The Hardest Black Clover Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

When does Asta first encounter Secre Swallowtail?
How does one acquire a Five Leaf Grimoire?
Which of the following is NOT a type of magic used by a character in the anime?
Which of the following does NOT occur when Asta activates his Black Asta form?
Which squad did Black Bull leader Yami once belong to?
How many stars did the Black Bull squad earn between Asta joining and the start of the Star Awards Festival?
How many people have held the title of Wizard King by the end of the Reincarnation arc?
According to the anime, why was Yuno abandoned at the orphanage in Hage village?
Which members of the Black Bull squad were present for Asta's "Screw Fate" scene in episode 54?
Which of the following is a feature held by the Demon Skeleton in Hage Village?
How Does Liebe the Black Devil Laugh?
Black Clover Liebe Captured in Front of Asta
Where does Asta's Anti Magic Power Come From?
Black Clover Asta Covered in Anti Magic
Why Did Richita Live Away From Other People?
Black Clover Richita Pointing at Liebe
Which Is Not a Trait of a Black Bull Member?
Black Clover Black Bulls Together
Who Is the Tallest Member of the Black Bulls?
Black Clover Asta Cut By Being Called Short

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