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10 Anime Like Black Clover If You’re Looking For Something Similar


10 Anime Like Black Clover If You’re Looking For Something Similar

Black Clover is well on its way to becoming a long running favorite, but these series will tide you over while you wait for new episodes each week.

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A standout series of the Fall 2017 anime season, Black Clover is well on its way to being a long running favorite among Shonen and fantasy fans, reveling in everything that makes both genres what they are. Set in a world brimming with magic, with a cast steeped in tragic backstories for them and protagonist Asta to overcome, each impossible achievement and underdog victory makes the viewer feel triumphant and excited for what comes next. New as it is though, fans of the show will probably be hungry for other experiences like it while they wait for a new episode each week. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these 10 anime to watch if you like Black Clover.

One Piece

Lauded as one of the most successful Shonen series of all time, One Piece refines the genre’s key elements down to a science. Following the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they search for the legendary treasure known as One Piece. Every arc is chalk full of dramatic battles, heartwarming friendships and a love for adventures of all kinds. Likewise, the series’ world and characters are full of variety, thanks to the presence of individuals with powers granted by the Devil Fruits. One moment, the rubber-bodied Luffy could be taking on a criminal king pin with the ability to slice through objects with iron threads; the next, he could be fleeing from a warlord of the sea who can command fire and thunder spirits. It’s a series that has brought shonen fans joy to no end, and considering how long the series is, new viewers won’t run out of episodes to enjoy anytime soon.

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