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New Rumor Sheds Light on MCU Blade Time Period & Potential Cameo

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New Rumor Sheds Light on MCU Blade Time Period & Potential Cameo

You’ve heard this vamp before.

The whole MCU Blade production saga has been a bit of a mess since October of 2022. Delays and rewrites have plagued the project during a time when DC, HBO, and Netflix have been going on a cancellation spree. Fortunately, the film has been able to keep Mahershala Ali on as the lead, and thanks to some new scoops from @CanWeGetToast we may know some new details about Blade.

The scooper who recently started the rumor mill about Ghost being cut from Thunderbolts recently posted that despite rewrites, the new Blade film will still take place during the 1920s. This choice makes sense for a character like Blade who can age exceptionally slower than a human who isn’t half-vampire.

Plus, this allows Blade to be brought up to the present day of the MCU even if he was already active over 100 years ago. It also gives Blade the opportunity to lead the Midnight Sons in a potential group film, show, or special down the line with other heroes like Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, Wong, Werewolf by Night, Doctor Strange, and more.

The other major rumor that @CanWeGetToast posted about recently has to do with the possibility of Kit Harrington showing up as Black Knight in Blade. According to the account, he won’t play a major role in the MCU Blade film. At best, Harrington might make an appearance as Black Knight in a cameo, but that’s about it.

If you need some Harrington in your life immediately, there’s always Eternals which is streaming right now on Disney+. Just make sure you don’t have anything planned for the day. It’s a long movie.

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