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Is the Dead Space Remake on Game Pass or EA Play? Answered

Is Dead Space on Game Pass?
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Is the Dead Space Remake on Game Pass or EA Play? Answered

Don’t shoot the messenger!

EA and Motive Studio’s much-anticipated retooling of the 2008 survival horror classic brings the spindly monstrosities known as the Necromorphs kicking and screaming onto the latest generation of gaming hardware. Boasting a higher resolution, higher framerates, a more developed story, and a few new secrets along the way, the Dead Space remake is a modern overhaul done right. With excitement reaching a fever pitch, some of you out there may be wondering: Is the Dead Space remake coming to Game Pass? Let’s get into the details, shall we?

Is the Dead Space Remake Coming to Game Pass or EA Play? Answered

From the looks of things, no, the Dead Space remake is not going to be on Xbox Game Pass at launch. We know, disappointing news, right? Don’t shoot the messenger!

Fortunately, there is a sliver of hope. You see, as the Dead Space remake is an EA-published game and EA Play is a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means that when the game comes to EA Play in the future, it will then be made available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

When this will occur remains to be seen, though, as there’s currently no set date locked in. Still, at least you can be safe in the knowledge that the Dead Space remake will one day come to Game Pass – we just don’t know when yet.

So, there you have it, folks. We hope this has helped to clear up any confusion over the possibility of Dead Space coming to Game Pass. For more, make sure to take a gander at the relevant links down below.

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