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How To Fix Code 30 Spotify Error

How To Fix Code 30 Spotify Error
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How To Fix Code 30 Spotify Error

Troubleshooting Spotify’s pesky Error Code 30.

Among the various errors you might occasionally experience with Spotify, very few are as annoying and frustrating as Error Code 30. It’s typically linked to a network issue, but that’s a big umbrella in and of itself. Luckily, we have everything you need on how to fix code 30 Spotify Error.

How to Fix Spotify’s Error Code 30

If Error Code 30 has got you down, you can get Spotify back up and in working order by following along with these steps. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to check Spotify’s server status before you move forward.

  1. Change your country of origin.

    One of the biggest reasons for Spotify’s Error Code 30 is the country you’re in doesn’t match the country your account is set to. Log into Spotify and head into your profile settings. Choose Edit Profile on the left-hand side. Under Country or Region, make sure it matches the area you’re in.

  2. Change your firewall settings.

    Your firewall might be getting a bit overprotective, in which case allowing it through can bypass Error Code 30. In your PC’s firewall settings, locate an option pertaining to permissions. Find Spotify among the list and add it as an exception.

  3. Change the proxy settings.

    If you’re using the desktop app, you can change the proxy settings. Select the three dots in the top-left corner, hover over Edit and choose Preferences. Go down to Proxy Settings and switch Proxy Type to No Proxy.

  4. Disable/Change your VPN settings.

    Similar to how your country of origin can cause issues, so can your VPN. Consider disabling it for the time being or at least change it to match the country you’re in.

And that should do it on how to fix Code 30 Spotify Error. After you’ve fixed the issue, it wouldn’t hurt to do a fresh installation. For more related content, check out Twinfinite’s numerous guides down below.

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