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How to Fix ‘Successfully Logged Out’ When Logging into Fortnite Error

Image Source: Epic Games

How to Fix ‘Successfully Logged Out’ When Logging into Fortnite Error

Successfully logged out when logging in is… interesting?

So, here’s a new weird bug that’s going on in Fortnite. When players are trying to login to the servers, they’re being hit with a ‘Successfully Logged Out’ message. Of course, this isn’t supposed to be happening, so you’re probably wondering how to fix this issue so you can get back to grinding out those Victory Royales.

What Is the ‘Successfully Logged Out’ Message?

This message is clearly intended to let you know that you have successfully logged out of the Fortnite servers, and normally comes up when players choose to logout manually themselves, or the game has timed out their connection to the servers due to inactivity.

Of course, when you’re trying to login, you shouldn’t be hitting this error message, so what’s the deal?

Fortnite ‘Successfully Logged Out’ When Logging In Error, Explained

First off, it’s worth noting that this isn’t an issue on your end. The Fortnite Status Twitter account has already acknowledged the error and is currently investigating it on their end.

This means that the error message coming up when you’re logging in is, in fact, a bug on the server side, and so you’ll just have to sit and wait until Epic Games gets it sorted. You can track its progress over on the Epic Games Services Status Page, or on the Fortnite Known Issues Trello Board.

With errors like this, Epic Games tends to be pretty quick at getting them fixed so players can log back into Fortnite and enjoy the Battle Royale goodness that awaits them.

If you’re seeing that the error has been resolved on Epic’s end but you’re still seeing the error, try closing the Fortnite application entirely and then loading it back in. Sometimes, you need to do this to ‘reset’ your connection to the servers and get around these pesky problems.

It’s annoying, we know, but at least you know it’s not a problem you need to fix on your end. In that sense, it’s very similar to the ‘Checking Epic Services Queue‘ error that can sometimes arise after server downtime, or out of the blue when things don’t go quite to plan on Epic’s end.

That’s everything you need to know on how to fix the ‘successfully logged out’ error when logging into Fortnite. For more on the game, be sure to check out the links below.

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