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Does Jack the Ripper Beat Hercules in Record of Ragnarok? Answered

Hercules vs Jack the Ripper Record of Ragnarok Season 2

Does Jack the Ripper Beat Hercules in Record of Ragnarok? Answered

Truly a Herculean effort from the Scourge of London.

Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok picks up right where we left off, with humanity’s embodiment of malice, Jack the Ripper, squaring off in the arena against the God of Fortitude himself, Hercules. On looks alone, the matchup seems to be lopsided, leaving many wondering: does Jack the Ripper beat Hercules? We’ve got the answer.

The Ripper’s Cunning Duel Explained

After one of the longer duels in the competition, humanity’s most infamous serial killer does beat the demigod Hercules. The victory is not without its complications, as the battle employed guile, and treachery, and closed in a bittersweet ending that left both sides of the arena in mourning.

With the arena morphed into Victorian-era London, Jack plays to his wily strengths and uses the city’s architecture and his knowledge of trickery to kite the imposing Hercules around every corner. As the two land blows, Jack deceives his foe by lying about his true Divine Weapon multiple times, first implying it is his scissors, then his pouch, until finally revealing his gloves – which grant anything he touches Divine Weapon-hood – are the product of his Volundr with the Valkyrie, Hlokk.

As the two beat and bloodied fighters square off one last time, Jack employs his final tactic, moving in just close enough to thrust hands – soaked in just enough blood to become weapons themselves – through Hercules’ chest as a killing blow.

The victory is not all triumph, as Hercules, whose heart remained with humanity all along still wants the mortal race to triumph over the gods, even mustering the compassion to embrace Jack before disappearing in defeat.

That’s your answer to whether or not Jack the Ripper beats Hercules in Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok. Be sure to catch the entire second installment of the anime available now for streaming on Netflix, and read more about your favorite anime at the links below.

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