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Disney Dominated Streaming With Over 80 Billion Hours of Movies Watched in 2022’s Top 15 Alone

Hocus Pocus 2
Image via Matt Kennedy and Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Disney Dominated Streaming With Over 80 Billion Hours of Movies Watched in 2022’s Top 15 Alone

Disney+ has casted its spell over audiences with its 2022 streaming movies

The audience measurement system Nielsen ratings have released a series of top 15 lists looking at the year of 2022 in streaming. Unsurprisingly, the movie ranking only included films streamed on Disney+ or Netflix; however, what some may find shocking is that Disney actually dominated the list over Netflix. The most streamed movies of 2022 included ten films on Disney+, while only five were on Netflix.

2022 Top Streaming Movies

  1. Encanto / Disney+
  2. Turning Red / Disney+
  3. Sing 2 / Netflix
  4. Moana / Disney+
  5. The Adam Project / Netflix
  6. Hocus Pocus 2 / Disney+
  7. Don’t Look Up / Netflix
  8. Frozen / Disney+
  9. Luca / Disney+
  10. The Gray Man / Netflix
  11. Zootopia / Disney+
  12. Coco / Disney+
  13. Eternals / Disney+
  14. Frozen II / Disney+
  15. Uncharted (2022) / Netflix

When adding up all the hours watched, Netflix came in at a significant number of over 30 billion minutes viewed in the top 15 alone. Nevertheless, Disney managed to dominate the total viewership of the chart, with just over 80 billion minutes viewed.

Disney’s ten movies on the most watched movies of 2022 list include Moana, Hocus Pocus 2, both Frozen movies, Luca, Zootopia, and Coco. In a surprising turn of events, Eternals also made its way onto the chart at number thirteen, making it the only MCU film that was able to work its way onto the most-watched streaming movies of 2022 list.

All of this being said, the true star of the chart is Disney Animation’s Encanto, which not only came in first place, but also more than doubled the minutes viewed of the list’s second-place finisher, Pixar’s Turning Red. Encanto came in at an outstanding 27 billion minutes viewed while Turning Red came in at just over 11 billion minutes viewed.

Of course, this doesn’t include everything the two streaming services released, so it’s still very possible that Netflix may have more overall minutes viewed. Still, it is an impressive feat that Disney was able to accomplish, and it proves why Disney+ is often included alongside Netflix when talking about streaming services.

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