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You Can Stream One of the Year’s Biggest Horror Films for Free Right Now

Smile streaming for free
Image Source: Paramount Pictures

You Can Stream One of the Year’s Biggest Horror Films for Free Right Now

Say cheese!

If you’re hankering for a short and sweet horrific feature to tide you over this winter, then we may have the perfect blood-drenched ticket for you. Yes, starting today, 2022’s Smile is streaming for free over on Paramount Plus so you don’t need to wrap up warm and head out to the cinema for this one. Instead, you can snuggle up inside and enjoy one of the year’s most hotly anticipated horror pics from the comfort and safety of your own living room for no extra charge. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Having only released a couple of months ago in cinemas, it seems to be the new normal for production companies to stealth release movies onto streaming services, but usually it’s due to a poor performance at the box office. Smile, on the other hand, has been a big success in this area, accumulating a healthy $210.2 million off of a $17 million budget. Those are some solid numbers right there!

Smile horror movie
Image Source: Paramount Pictures

Centering on a psychiatric doctor (13 Reasons Why’s Sosie Bacon) who witnesses a horrific accident, which goes on to trigger her psychological decline, the film culminates in her noticing an unhealthy amount of people, well, smiling… everywhere. Oh, and it seems that she’s being stalked by some kind of smiling monster, too. *shivers*

Interestingly, Smile received a lot of media attention for its incredibly creative marketing campaign, which featured random actors smiling creepily on camera in places such as football stadiums, baseball matches, and even behind news broadcasters live on air. Frankly, that’s a pretty ingenious way of getting your horror movie out there if you ask us.

Smile is streaming at no extra cost on Paramount Plus in the US right now.

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