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How to Get Hardwood in Coral Island


How to Get Hardwood in Coral Island

Here’s how to get hardwood in Coral Island!

Almost every recipe in Coral Island requires some form of wood. While normal wood itself is abundant from the beginning of the game, players may find themselves wondering how to obtain hardwood, the stronger of the two. There are a couple of different methods that will allow you to get hardwood in Coral Island. We will discuss them below in our guide on how to get hardwood in Coral Island.

Getting Hardwood in Coral Island

In order to get hardwood in Coral Island, you’ll need to do a few things first. You’ll have to get an upgraded axe, which can be done by either using your skill points to improve your foraging skills, or by straight up purchasing a better axe.

Spending Skill Points

If you do not feel like spending your hard-earned money on gold yet to upgrade your axe, no need to fret. You can use your skill points only. As pictured below, all you need to do is open up your Mastery menu by pressing B on your keyboard.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

From there you can view your different skill trees and the points you have earned to spend on them. To get hardwood, you will need to level up your foraging skill. You can do this by chopping down trees and gathering wild crops outside of your farm.

Once you have located the menu and leveled up the required skill, spend your points on the “Exceptional Cutter” skill. You can upgrade the skill later to its second tier. For now, the first level will let you obtain hardwood from regular trees at a 1% drop rate. It isn’t much, but it’s something!

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

How to Upgrade Your Axe

The first thing you are going to need to do to obtain hardwood “naturally” is upgrade your axe. For hardwood, you will need the gold axe as it only drops from the fallen-over logs. You currently cannot get gold from the mines, but you can buy it from the blacksmith. Conveniently, this is the same place where you will be upgrading your axe.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

Inconveniently, you have to make sure to bring three hardwood with you as it is needed for the upgrade. This means that you should start with upgrading your foraging skill first, unfortunately. Head to the blacksmith once you have your materials on you and buy your gold ore. You will need to buy 3 ore and have a hefty 10,000 gold left over to pay for the upgrade.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

Now that you have the new gold axe you can chop the fallen trees and get hardwood. Whether you only use the skill or both the upgraded skill and upgraded tool, getting the wood will be difficult. Make sure to save it in a chest!

With this guide, you should now be on your way to obtaining hardwood in Coral Island. Be sure to check out our other Coral Island content, including our full guide on crops and obtaining ore.

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