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FIFA 23 FGS Swaps Explained: Dates, How to Get Tokens & Use Them

FIFA 23 FGS Swaps

FIFA 23 FGS Swaps Explained: Dates, How to Get Tokens & Use Them

FGS Swaps opportunities have arrived in Ultimate Team.

Competitive FIFA has arrived, and for players looking for yet another way to turn in-game currency into rewards, you’ve come to the right place. So that’s why we’re here today, to explain what FGS Swaps is in FIFA 23, including earning tokens and how to use them.

FGS Swaps in FIFA 23 Explained

Recently, FGS Swaps became yet another way for players to earn rewards through Ultimate Team. Every week for the foreseeable future, you will be able to watch top players in the world over Twitch and YouTube play their way through the EA SPORTS Cup. And hey, what’s better than watching those better than you dominate the competition while you struggle through FUT Champs or something? This is not a specific example, of course.

This time around, over 25 events give players the chance to earn tokens that can be redeemed for rare packs that are obviously based on the number of tokens you have.

FGS Swaps Dates in FIFA 23

Here is the schedule that’s been released so far:

  • Monday, October 17
  • Monday, October 24
  • Monday, October 31
  • Monday, November 7
  • Monday, November 14
  • Monday, November 21
  • Monday, November 28
  • Monday, December 5
  • Monday, January 16
  • Wednesday, January 18
  • Saturday, January 21

And don’t you worry, as there will be even more opportunities to earn rewards through these viewings throughout the season.

How to Get & Use FGS Swaps Tokens in FIFA 23

FGS Swaps Tokens are fairly simple to earn, it just takes having your Twitch and YouTube accounts linked to your EA account. What follows below is a step-by-step breakdown to make that happen, as well as any requirements when it comes to actually earning these prized tokens.

Earning FGS Swaps Tokens Through Twitch

  1. Link your Twitch and EA account here.
  2. Watch eligible FIFA 23 Global Series events for at least an hour.
  3. Receive token in-game within 24 hours of claiming on Twitch.
  4. Watch more eligible events to earn more FGS Swaps Tokens.
  5. Redeem FGS Tokens for in-game (and untradeable) rewards.

One important note here is that players can only earn one token per event.

Earning FGS Swaps Tokens Through YouTube

  1. Go to the Connected Apps Page in YouTube Settings.
  2. Link your YouTube and EA account.
  3. Allow EA to connect accounts for in-game rewards.
  4. Confirm your EA account.
  5. Verify your identity.
  6. Return to YouTube.
  7. Complete Claim.

Using FGS Swaps Tokens in FIFA 23

Like any sort of in-game reward, using Swaps Tokens in FIFA 23 is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is go to Squad Building Challenges > Swaps, and then you’ll have the chance to trade in your tokens for four different rewards. The breakdown is as follows:

Token SBCRewardReward Vale
1 TokenPremium Gold Pack7,500 Coins
2 TokensPremium Gold Players Pack25,000 Coins
3 TokensPrime Gold Players Pack45,000 Coins
4 TokensJumbo Rare Players Pack100,000 Coins

We know which reward we’re aiming for. In any case, that’s all players need to know about FGS Swaps in FIFA 23, tokens, and how to use them. For more in-game tips and information, Twinfinite has you covered. Be sure to check out our review and a breakdown of FUT Champs, as well as endless content at the links below.

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