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Best Characters to play in MultiVersus | MultiVersus Meta Characters

Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Best Characters to play in MultiVersus | MultiVersus Meta Characters

These are currently the best characters to play in MultiVersus | MultiVersus meta characters, that will have you winning over the competition.

With the new Multiversus game, Warner Brothers have brought together a growing roster of characters from all of their properties. The game is starting to grow in popularity, especially in the competitive scene thanks to a recent feature at the world-famous Evolution Fighting Game Tournament. With rising competition from pro players and hardcore fighting gamers, here are the best characters to play in MultiVersus | MultiVersus meta characters.

The Top Tier Characters in MultiVersus

With the Meta developing by a combination of what the pros are picking for tournaments and the nonstop playtesting of the online community, the state of things will continue to evolve. Since the release of the game, there are only a handful of characters who’ve risen to the top and are dominating, even as they’re being nerfed and rebalanced.


Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

There’s been a lot of hate towards Finn from the online community due to his unfair advantages over other characters. Finn is one of the fastest characters in the game, and then you can buff his speed with in-game purchases by stacking his speed boots twice which makes him nearly untouchable for the entire battle. Opposing players get fed up and don’t enjoy chasing down a character that they can never catch up to.

On the bright side, he’s a bit complex to use due to the tricky accuracy needed for his attacks to land, and some current glitches make some of his moves miss when they’re not supposed to. Overall, Finn is a sword-wielding assassin-type character that excels at hit and run tactics making him the prime choice for players who want to get in, make their attacks, and then get out, keeping the opponent tilted. With Finn, it’s not about Adventure Time anymore, it’s about victory time.

Arya Stark

Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Arya’s also still a bit of a glitchy character causing her up-special attack moves to have a bit of RNG to their success rate, but when they hit, they’re powerful. An assassin-type just like Finn, she is rather risky to play because she’s also one of the lightest and slowest characters to help balance her offensive power.

What makes her unique is the fact that she can steal the face or identity of her opponents and mimic their moves, which is a huge plus the more familiar you are with other characters in the game. With her dagger attacks that require precision and timing, whenever you play Arya Stark, you’ll feel like you’re about to win the Game of Thrones.


Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Shaggy aka Norville Rogers, is arguably the easiest and most intuitive character in MultiVersus to play thanks to his offensive moves based on close-range punches and kicks. He’s a brawler type, which means he wants to get into melee range and stay there while trading blow for blow.

The more he attacks, he builds up a rage meter and when it fills up, he becomes even more powerful than before with his attacks doing more damage and traveling farther. His knockback is great, his recovery is above-average, and he has a good weight balance due to his heavier feel. Probably the best character to learn the game with, he’s an all-around badass- a complete one-eighty from his days in the Scooby-Doo cartoon.

Harley Quinn

Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Harley Quinn has come a long way since her introduction in the Batman Animated Series from the ’90s. In this game, she’s incredibly effective thanks to a bunch of strengths. For starters, she has the safest map control with an exploding box attack that stays put where you drop it and basically tells the opponent they can’t go anywhere near it unless they want to get blown up.

Her special moves come out almost instantly with high damage and knockback capable of repeated juggles that’ll make your opponent wonder why they even tried to fight you. Her projectile is hard to defend against, because when it hits the opponent, it stays stuck on until the Harley player decides to detonate it, which makes it unpredictable and nearly impossible to dodge. Her light attacks combo seamlessly without much effort into long-chain attacks that quickly add up damage-wise. All in all, she’s another powerhouse assassin-type that has no weaknesses. Makes you wonder what Mr. J would think about that, right?

Bugs Bunny

Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

It’s no surprise Bugs Bunny is on top, he is, after all, the forgotten cartoon mascot of WB. Bugs is truly a looney toon with his mage/ranged-type of playstyle that has so many easy combos, which can easily become almost infinite.

If you decide to play it safe and not go fully offensive with your playstyle, he’s also able to play defensive and run away by throwing a bunch of projectiles like his rockets that help him get back on stage too easily, and that also have such a large hitbox, your opponents will get blown up without realizing it. He also has a neat trick that lets him burrow into the ground for added map control, and he can also send his projectiles through the burrows, hitting opponents from everywhere. Truly a tricky mage and ranged character, after getting beat senseless by Bugs Bunny, you’ll be the one asking, “What’s up doc?”


Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Batman is WB’s other mascot, albeit an unofficial one, jumping straight out of DC Comics, into his WB animated series, and now reigning supreme in MultiVersus. Once nearly broken, balance patches have started to bring Batman down a notch, but he’s still easy to play with and has all kinds of tools, such as his Batarang and a bunch of Bat bombs.

The Caped Crusader can use his Batarang to easily break his opponent’s combos, and when he throws it around the map, it will follow him all over the place while hitting his opponents. His gadgets also function as great combo starters and combo extenders giving the player nearly unlimited combinations of damaging chain attacks. As a bruiser-type character, he’s supposed to be good at fighting up close, but he’s a threat from anywhere. The only thing he’s missing is his partner Robin yelling something Holy at him.

Ultimately, the MultiVersus game is still early in its release, and since it’s a fighting game, unbalanced characters can be expected to some degree. Only when a fighting game comes out and the pros and players are able to duke it out, will the true meta-level characters start to stand out. Not to mention, new characters are still being released, like Stripe from the Gremlins, who’s the newest member of the cast. If you’re interested in diving deep into the game, make sure you check our guide on how to get Gleamium, the in-game currency you’ll need to buy things. In the meantime, if you want to get this game and jump right into the action, these are currently the best characters to play in MultiVersus | MultiVersus meta characters.

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