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A Terrific Shape-Shifting Horror Sequel Taps Into Your Deepest Fears on Streaming

It Chapter Two
Image Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

A Terrific Shape-Shifting Horror Sequel Taps Into Your Deepest Fears on Streaming

A certain horror sequel has floated into the Top 10 on Hulu

Autumn is finally upon us, and while that usually means chilly weather, runny noses, and shorter nights, it also means pumpkin carving, spooky costumes, and our favorite: scary movies! If you’re in the mood for a night in, curled up next to your bestie, while you sip pumpkin spice lattes and watch the best scariest films that Hollywood cinema has to offer, we may have the perfect flick to keep you up tonight. Thing is, don’t just take our word for it, as this specific film is dominating streaming at the moment.

Yes, at the time of writing, 2019’s It: Chapter Two has floated up from between the drainage grates and has managed to secure a sixth spot on HBO’s global Top 10 most-watched films beating out much more modern movies like Sing 2 and Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, per FlixPatrol.

For the unaware, this filmic adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved best-selling novel is directed by Andy Muschietti and pits a gang of young misfits (aka the Losers’ Club) against a fiendish, shape-shifting monster that exploits its victim’s personal fears. You’ve probably heard of it, right? Yep, indeed, it’s the one and only, Pennywise the Clown.

It Chapter Two, Adult Cast
Image Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Not only does It: Chapter Two feature some truly terrifying scares that are drip-fed meticulously, but it also boasts a star-studded cast to boot. Bill Skarsgård turns in a formidable performance as the titular monster. Meanwhile, the talented young cast from its predecessor return. Of course, with this follow-up, the Losers’ Club have all grown up and have moved on with their lives, following their “victory” in the preceding chapter, and most of the characters have moved away from the haunted town of Derry.

As a result, a whole new batch of adult actors had to be added into the mix for this sequel, and boy, is it an impressive roster. X-Men alum James McAvoy, Superbad’s Bill Hader, The Martian’s Jessica Chastain, Shadowhunters’ Isaiah Mustafa, and Neigbours’ Jay Ryan spearhead an excellent ensemble of acting talent and their chemistry is on point, too.

While It: Chapter Two didn’t quite receive the same critical reception as its 2017 forbear, it still features a solid 62 percent Critical Rating over on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 78 percent Audience Score. On a more personal note, I absolutely loved both chapters of It and wholeheartedly believe they deserve a place in the pantheon of the best horror movies out there.

But what say you, though? Have you had a chance to Watch It: Chapter Two yet? And how do you feel about the modern retellings of Stephen King’s iconic source material? Grab your red balloons and let us know in the usual place down below.

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