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FIFA 23 Accidentally Released Early on Xbox Due to a Glitch


FIFA 23 Accidentally Released Early on Xbox Due to a Glitch

EA Sports’ FIFA 23 is slated for release on September 30th, but a glitch on Xbox seemed to give access to the full game on Tuesday.

If you are a FIFA player and Xbox user, Tuesday was your lucky day, as The Mirror reported that users were able to access FIFA 23 one month earlier than its advertised Sept. 30, 2022 release date. According to the report, players have been able to download the Xbox One version in its entirety for a while now, leading to player rating leaks, soundtrack reveals, and much more.

Game modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team were fully available, with said player ratings making their way across the web. Others who had access to the FIFA 23 Closed Beta were able to update that file as one normally would, thus enabling them to download the full version of the latest installment. EA Play members, who normally would have gotten access to the game three days early on Sept. 27, were also able to access the full version.

So if you’re an Xbox user who woke up to a fairly unbelievable surprise today, let’s hope you made the most of it. There’s no guarantee the glitch will stick around, and as it happens, players are already saying it is no longer working.

Whatever the case may be, FIFA 23 was accidentally released early, with many getting the word out on everything the final team-up between EA Sports and FIFA has to offer. While full access to the game may no longer be available or may not be available for much longer, it clearly hasn’t stopped everybody.

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