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Tsurune Takes Flight in an Exciting New Trailer Promoting Season 2


Tsurune Takes Flight in an Exciting New Trailer Promoting Season 2

Tsurune has gotten an official season 2 trailer.

The first teaser trailer for Tsurune season 2 has just been released on the anime’s official website and Twitter. While short in duration, the video packs a punch, featuring quick cuts focusing on showcasing the martial art of kyūdō archery from the main character’s perspective, Minato Narumiya.

Minato provides a voice-over during the teaser. There are no English subtitles available, but the artwork and music convey the tone of the series and offer a glimpse into its world.

From the first season, Minato was a former kyūdō student who eventually lost his interest in archery. A specific incident during one of his middle school tournaments is the main cause for his disinterest.

In Minato’s new high school, he finds himself being pulled back into kyūdō. His childhood friends Ryōhei Yamanouchi and Seiya Takehayareunite reunite with him. And soon, Minato realizes that he has no other choice but to once again pick up a bow and arrow.

Tsurune’s second season has been a long time in the making and is highly anticipated. After the light novel won an award, the first season was released in 2018. A Tsurune movie based on the first season has also been produced.

This anime crosses multiple genres, from sports to slice-of-life. It presents a basic introduction to the technicalities of Japanese archery with a storyline about the friendship and relationships between the five boys on the team.

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