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Miek Actually Spoils the Entire Plot of Thor: Love and Thunder Early On


Miek Actually Spoils the Entire Plot of Thor: Love and Thunder Early On

Can Miek see the future?

Thor: Love and Thunder has been out for just about a month now, and we are still finding a bunch of interesting new bits of lore and easter eggs hidden amidst Marvel’s latest blockbuster. Those included everything from what the tattoo on Thor’s back mean to what the inspiration behind the screaming goats was.

Amidst all of these cool nods, though, a keen-eyed Redditor managed to spot arguably the most interesting hidden detail of all, and it’s that Miek can predict the future. As you can see in the post to the Marvel Studios subreddit by NightCrawlingNoodle, about a fourth of the way through the movie, you can actually see that everyone’s favorite Sakaaran insectoid warrior has storyboarded the entire plot of the movie.

You can see everything from Gorr’s confrontation with his god at the beginning to Thor and Love heading into battle at the end. Miek’s whiteboard art is only able to be seen for a few moments, so that’s probably why it hasn’t been mentioned until just now.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is just a one-off gag that director Taika Waititi decide to include in the film for fun or if Miek is actually indeed a prophet, and we’ve just not been aware of it since he can’t really talk. Regardless of the outcome, we’d love to hear what you think about this interesting new revelation in the comment section below.

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