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Refer a Friend Returns to Fortnite Starting Today

Refer a Friend Returns to Fortnite Starting Today

Refer a Friend Returns to Fortnite Starting Today

Who doesn’t like celebrating friendship with free stuff?

Once again, the Refer a Friend program/event has returned to Fortnite. This program aims to connect you with those friends who don’t play all that much Fortnite and pair you up for prizes. For those worried, the Refer a Friend event definitely isn’t going to expire any time soon, as players have until Jan. 10, 2023 to register and Feb. 19 to complete everything.

Unlike some challenge events, you need to actually sign in on the Refer a Friend site as it isn’t tracked in-game. You’ll want to make sure you are Epic Games friends with the person you are hoping to refer.

You can do this with up to five people/friends at a time. While it’s a nice thought to help your friends (kind of) farm out these cosmetics, you can only each reward once. As far as eligibility goes, there is only one thing that determines who can be a referee:

Add up to 5 friends from Fortnite on the Refer a Friend program website who have played less than two hours of a core Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build game playlists (i.e., Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads) in the last 30 days (includes new players).

There are five possible cosmetics to earn doing various tasks such as playing a single game together. The most hefty task requires both you and the referee to gain 60 levels on top of the level you are at the start of the event. On the bright side, the page mentions that “account levels can be gained across seasons.” This means you don’t have to rush, January will definitely be at least Season 3 Chapter 4 if not further, giving plenty of time to add 60 levels. Note the levels can be gained separately, you don’t have to be glued together for a full 60 levels.

You can earn:

  • Double Draw Spray
  • Immortal Oasis Wrap
  • Oasis Wind Backbling
  • Oasis Wind Pickaxe
  • Xander Outfit

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