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Star Ocean: The Divine Force Gorgeous Intro Video & Screenshots; Digital Deluxe Edition & More Announced

Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Gorgeous Intro Video & Screenshots; Digital Deluxe Edition & More Announced

Square Enix released an additional video and images, on top of details and the digital deluxe edition of Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Following the announcement of the release date of the upcoming Star Ocean game Star Ocean: The Divine Force, the Square Enix released an additional video and plenty of images, on top of details.

First of all, we get to see the first 8 minutes of the game, featuring beautiful cutscenes and introducing some of the characters we’ll meet in the game. This is available with both English and Japanese voiceovers.

Secondly, we hear more of the story.

The Galactic Federation which originated from the Solar System has maintained peace and tranquillity for the people living in the galaxy and has expanded gradually over time, with many heroes who saved world after world in its name.

Yet in stardate 583, the Federation has grown so large that it has at times swallowed even planets that did not wish to join, tainting the hand wielding the concept of justice.

Captain Raymond Lawrence of the transport ship Ydas departs from the advanced planet Beguard, which is not part of the Galactic Federation, and while on a cargo mission on a familiar route, he is attacked by the battle cruiser Astoria, owned by the Kenny family, one of the most prominent families in the Galactic Federation.

Raymond and his crewmate Chloe are forced to evacuate to the remote and uncharted fourth planet of the Aster system.

Just before they land, however, their escape pod is downed by what appears to be an EMP from the surface. Raymond is separated from his friends on a foreign planet.

He manages to land but is immediately attacked by protozoa. In the nick of time, he is rescued by Laeticia Aucerius, the first princess of the Kingdom of Osidius.

In order to save her country, which is threatened by the neighboring Wail Empire, Laeticia asks for the help of Raymond, who appeared while riding a meteor falling from the sky. He accepts her request in exchange for her cooperation in the search for Chloe.

“Where did you come from, Raymond?”
“I come to this planet from across the sky.”

When these two heroes meet to confront the threat of a great power, the history of the galaxy begins to spin anew.

We take a look at the main characters, Raymond Lawrence voiced in Japanese by Subaru Kimura, Laeticia Aucerius, voiced by Inori Minase, Abelardo Bergholm voiced by Natsuki Hanae, Elena, voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, Midas Fregild, voiced by Hiroki Tochi, and Nina Deforge, voiced by Rie Takahashi.

More screenshots showcase the seamless transition between exploration and battle, and the use of AP to use skills in battle. They regenerate over time and their maximum can be increased by fulfilling certain conditions. You can assign actions to buttons and set them in link combos, which allow them to be executed faster.

Those who enjoy slower-paced gameplay can stop time in order to give order to allies, select their target, and think on their strategy with ease.

The party includes four characters at any given time and you can switch your controlled character dynamically whenever you like.

At the beginning, you can select Raymond or Laeticia as the main hero. The story will unfold from a different perspective, also changing some of the characters that will become companions.

Additional screenshots show off some of the environments including the planet that serves at the main setting, the Kingdom of Aucerius, the Del Vyr Region and Delryk City, and the Larkasse Weald forest.

We also get word of the Digital Deluxe edition which includes the game, the original soundtrack with over 80 songs, two pieces of armor, four accessories (that improve stats, resistances, money and item drops). It costs 11,858 yen plus taxes (which roughly translates into $86, but the western pricing has not been announced yet). An upgrade option is priced at 3,300 yen ($24) and lets you upgrade the standard edition to the Digital Deluxe.

There is also a physical Limited Edition for PS5 and PS4 (for the moment announced only for Japan) priced at 18,000 yen (approximately $131).

This includes the game, the soundtrack in 4 CDs, an artbook, two keychains, and a code card for the DLC mentioned above.

Pre-orders open today and bonuses for the Digital Deluxe Edition include weapons for Raymond and Laeticia (“Lionheart’s Blutgang”, and “Flashing Naglering”) that respectively improve XP gain and decrease enemy defense. The early purchase bonus for all editions include four pawns for an in-game minigame portraying characters from Valkyrie Profile and Radiata Stories.

You can check out all the assets below, including the key art and box art. Star Ocean: The Divine Force releases worldwide on October 27 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, & PC.

You can also take a look at the original announcement and more assets.

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