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Mario Strikers Battle League Preload & Unlock Times Guide

mario strikers: battle league

Mario Strikers Battle League Preload & Unlock Times Guide

Plan out your no rules soccer games for the weekend.

Mario and soccer fans rejoice, as there’s a new Mario Strikers game releasing this week, allowing you to rejoin iconic characters from the Mushroom Kingdom in a game of soccer with no rules. If you’re planning on getting the game digitally, here’s a quick rundown of the preload and unlock times for Mario Strikers: Battle League, along with other info on its download and install size.

Mario Strikers Battle League Preload and Unlock Times

At the time of writing, Mario Strikers: Battle League is already available for preload. On your Switch home screen, navigate over to the Nintendo eShop and search for Mario Strikers, or just tap on it via the Featured tab.

Pre-order the game and confirm your purchase, and the download will begin automatically on your home screen. This allows you to have the game installed and ready to go once it unlocks on the 10th, so you’ll be able to jump in straight away without having to wait.

While Nintendo hasn’t officially announced what time the digital version of the game will be unlocked, it’s safe to assume that it will be playable on June 10, at midnight Eastern Time. Going off of Nintendo’s track record and the way they’ve handled all their first-party releases so far, all of those games unlocked at midnight Eastern Time on the release date, so we can likely expect the same from Battle League as well.

Mario Strikers Battle League Download and Install Size

Finally, it’s also worth noting that Mario Strikers: Battle League weighs in at 1.92 GB, so you don’t need to free up a ton of space on your SD card for this game. It’s a pretty lightweight title, so even if you’re only making use of the Switch’s internal storage, you should be able to preload it with no issues.

Players who get it after it releases should also be able to download it relatively quickly, as long as they’re on a stable Wi-Fi connection.

That’s all you need to know about how to preload Mario Strikers: Battle League and its unlock timings. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more news and information on the game, including gameplay footage and equipment customization, as well as an overview of the game’s character roster.

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