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How to Get Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite & All Stats


How to Get Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite & All Stats

Have a buzzin’ good time with the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite!

Following the release of the Fortnite 21.10 update, the Battle Royale island has a fun new weapon called the Ripsaw Launcher. Capable of firing off blades that can cut through builds and deal heavy damage to players, vehicles, and builds alike, this is an incredibly handy weapon to have in your inventory. But chances are you’re wondering how to get the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite, and with good reason, as it can only be found in one specific place.

Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher Location

The Ripsaw Launcher can be found in the Chop Shop north of Logjam Lotus and on the north coast of the island itself, marked on the map below with a red circle.

fortnite ripsaw launcher map location

Head in here and you’ll find four of the Ripsaw Launchers on the wall, and another one laying on the table in the center of the main room. Press and hold E/ Square/ X/ Y when standing in front of one to pick it up. This takes a little longer than picking up any other weapon does, so keep that in mind.

a ripsaw launcher on the wall in factory north of logjam lotus in fortnite

The Ripsaw Launcher can now also be found as ground loot, in Chests and Supply Drops in abundance. Essentially, this means you’re going to see them used more frequently around the Fortnite island, and should be more common for you to grab one yourself.

All Ripsaw Launcher Stats & Special Abilities

The Ripsaw Launcher, or the Sawblade gun as it was previously known as, is special because the blades it shoots go through buildings slowly for 10 seconds when fully charged. These deal 25 damage to buildings repeatedly, allowing you to hack through someone’s extensive building with relative ease.

  • Damage to Players: 60
  • Headshot Damage: 90
  • Damage to Buildings: 25
  • Damage to Vehicles: 100
  • Magazine Size: 3
  • Fire Rate: 1.5
  • Reload Time: 3.75

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite. For more tips and tricks on the ever-popular battle royale title, be sure to check out the links below, including our post breaking down everything in the Fortnite 21.10 update.

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