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When Does Pac-Man Come to Fortnite?

When Does Pac-Man Come to Fortnite?

When Does Pac-Man Come to Fortnite?

Fortnite has become the home to many mascots of popular franchises. Just the last couple weeks, Master Chief and Marcus Fenix have been available on the Item Shop. With that, this upcoming collaboration should come as no real surprise. We’re here to answer when Pac-Man will be coming to Fortnite.

When is Pac-Man Coming to Fortnite?

As we have reached the 42nd anniversary of Pac-Man there are tons of collaborations happening. Fortnite is getting in on the action, but we don’t completely know to what extent. However, you can expect things to kick off next week on Thursday, June 2.

This tweet from the official Japanese Pac-Man account is sparse on the details.

For all those non-Japanese speakers, when you allow Twitter to translate, you get the result of:

Collaboration with online game “Fortnite” decided.
Pac-Man motif items will be available from Thursday, June 2nd
Please look forward to the follow-up report.

While “Pac-Man motif items” certainly means Pac-Man inspired items, it is unclear at this time what those items might be. Considering how round Pac-Man is, there might be a little difficulty making him into an outfit. So we might just see other related cosmetic items such as pickaxes/gliders/sprays, rather than the yellow ghost eater himself.

We will update this when we know more on what items you can expect.

That’s most certainly everything you need to know for when Pac-Man will be coming to Fortnite. For more, check out the relevant links below.

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