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New Valorant Weapon Skin Bundle ‘Neptune’ Has Aquatic Theme, SFX, & Animations

new valorant weapon skin bundle neptune

New Valorant Weapon Skin Bundle ‘Neptune’ Has Aquatic Theme, SFX, & Animations

Riot Games recently rolled out another update for its popular FPS, Valorant. Along with the patch came a new weapon skin bundle called Neptune, which hit the store earlier this week. If you remember the aquatic-themed teaser from earlier this month, it now seems as though it was the ‘Neptune’ weapon skin bundle being alluded to.

As you can see in the image above, the weapons all appear to have an aquarium-like appearance reminiscent of the ocean and marine life. Even better, and something that will come as music to the ears of Valorant weapon skin enthusiasts, a new video from Riot Games introducing the skin line showcases that they also have custom sound effects, too.

Neptune Weapon Skin Price

The Valorant Neptune weapon skin bundle price is 7,100 VP, which is roughly $70. It falls under the Premium Edition tier, given that it includes effects and sounds, which typically cost 1775 VP. The bundle includes the following weapons, each of which have three upgrade tiers (Base, Fish Animation, and Kill Banner):

  • Shorty
  • Spectre
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • Anchor melee

For more on Valoratn, check out the Valorant Patch 4.10 notes which were released ahead of this week’s update.

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